Newshound Guru Pimpy – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (06-17-2023) [Post 1 of 2]


Newshound Dinar Guru Pimpy: Delete the three zeroes – what does it all mean, pimpy? …let’s say a 25,000 dinar [note] – remove the three zeros. What else do you see? 25. 25000 dinars will be exchanged for a 25 dinar note. The duration has nothing to do with the exchange rate. I can already hear people asking, ‘What about the billions and millions of dollars we thought we were going to get?’ The only way this would happen is if they first change the exchange rate while we still have the currency because once deleted it becomes zero and we will see our high dinar very little. If you exchange it for dinars, it is the same. 5,000,000 becomes 5,000 dinars. (Newshound Guru Pimpy) Click on Pimpy for more