Newshound Guru Pimpy – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (07-02-2023)


Newshound Iraqi Dinar Guru Pimpy: Article: “The World’s 10 Weakest Currencies in 2023” As you go down the list Iran [#1] is one of them, not surprisingly. They are going through restrictions. Vietnam Dong is second [#2]…Quote: “Currently, the currency is very undervalued, but given the improvement in the economy, the chances of the currency improving are high.” did you see that This is coming from Forbes? May 5, 2023… The Iraqi Dinar is 10th on the list… When you get their ducks in a row, you will see their currency increase in value… (Newshound Iraqi Dinar Gurus Pimpy) Click on Pimpy for more