Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (06-04-2023) [Post 2 of 2]


Newshound Iraqi Dinar Guru Sandy Ingram: This is how your finances can change in a day… Here are two reasons why the Swiss currency is so strong… Switzerland has a long history of low debt and fiscal responsibility. And the nation has hard assets like gold reserves… what’s the bottom line? Less debt and more gold reserves. According to Statista, Iraq is highly indebted, with the national debt estimated at US$210 billion by 2028. This is why Iraq increasing its gold reserves by 2 percent in a day is breaking news and good news for Iraq. It will find a way to reduce debt and increase revenue outside the oil industry, increasing the value of its currency. (Newshound Iraqi Dinar Gurus Sandy Ingram) Click On Sandy Ingram For More