Parliamentary Oil: Bartering Iraq exposed America .. Washington is the cause of the electricity crisis

Parliamentary Oil Bartering Iraq exposed America .. Washington is the cause of the electricity crisis

Today, Wednesday, the Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources Committee issued a comment regarding America’s decision to pay Iraq’s debts to Iran due to natural gas imports. The committee accused Washington of being the primary cause of Iraq’s electricity crisis and emphasized that Iraq was compelled to make this decision.

During an interview with Al-Maalouma agency, committee member Kazem Al-Tooki stated that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani had bypassed Washington’s pressure and defied the American decision by signing a barter agreement for black oil and natural gas with Iran.
He stated that America is faced with a fait accompli, particularly as the US government spokesperson was unable to respond to the question of a swap between Iraq and Iran. This highlights how Washington is portraying Iran as the main culprit for the worsening electricity crisis in Iraq.

According to a member of the Oil Committee, recent decisions made by Iraq have exposed the United States as the main cause of electric power disruptions. As a result, the US has agreed to pay off Iraq’s debts to Iran within a three month period, which coincides with Iraq’s need for gas during the upcoming heat wave.

Earlier today, Reuters reported that the United States has given Iraq permission to pay off their gas debt to Iran within three months. However, the Ministry of Electricity has not confirmed this news. Over the past few days, Iraq has experienced power outages due to the halt of natural gas supply from Iran, which is a result of the sanctions imposed by Washington on Tehran. This has caused significant hardship for the Iraqi people.