Parliamentary Oil criticizes the Nahr Bin Omar field investment contract: it was signed in the Emirates

Parliamentary Oil criticizes the Nahr Bin Omar field investment contract: it was signed in the Emirates

The Ministry of Oil, according to Ali Al-Lami, a member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, sent the “Nahr Bin Omar” field in Basra to a “unreliable” business on Sunday based on an undisclosed deal inked in the United Arab Emirates, despite the Iraqi government having declared More than twenty days have passed since the contract was sent out, and Deputy Prime Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani was there when it was revealed that an Iraqi business had won the deal.

“Unfortunately, Ministry of Oil officials have given the Nahr Bin Omar field in Basra Governorate to a questionable Iraqi company that does not have comparable experience in gas extraction,” Al-Lami stated.

He went on, saying, “The Ministry of Oil referred the project with special approval and it was signed in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The Ministry of Oil referred the field to that unrestrained company, in an illegal manner, without an official announcement of the tender, and the way was opened for international companies to submit offers to invest in the field.”

Al-Lami made notice of the fact that “the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee will host Ministry of Oil officials, hold negligent parties accountable, and find out why the project in question was referred in particular without being announced.”

Al-Lami emphasized that “the project is larger than the company’s executive capacity, and the project must be referred to international companies capable of implementing the contract,” adding that “the company to which the project was referred does not meet the conditions and that the project is worth more than one billion and 600 million dollars.”

The signing of a contract for the development, investment, and processing of gas from the Nahr Bin Omar field with a capacity of (150) cubic meters (one million standard cubic feet per day) was sponsored by Hayan Abdul Ghani, the Minister of Oil and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, on Sunday, January 7. To add an additional (150) tankers to the second phase between the South Gas Company and the Halfaya Gas Company Limited, contingent upon the necessary amounts being available.

“This project contributes to supporting the national economy by increasing the production, investment, and processing of gas associated with oil operations, and reducing foreign imports, in addition to establishing a port for exporting liquid gas and condensates in the port of Umm Qasr,” stated Abdul Ghani in his speech during the contract signing ceremony. Along with preventing dangerous pollutants and protecting the environment