Patriotic Union of Kurdistan: There is a possibility to pass the budget in its current Form

Political differences are behind the delay in approving the budget

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ghiyas al-Sorji, confirmed today, Saturday, that the general budget law for 2023 is likely to be passed despite the objections of the Democratic Party, while he explained that “according to the constitution and Regarding the internal system of the Parliament, the Finance Committee has approved the proposals in the budget and will send them to the House of Representatives for voting.

“The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan voted on the general budget articles and items in the parliamentary finance committee and will be voted on in the House of Representatives,” Al-Sorji said, noting that “if there are no political agreements or consideration for the KDP, the budget will pass quickly. “Democratic,” he added.

Parti di Kurdistani has the justification that the Kurdish delegations going to Baghdad regarding the budget and controversial issues politically agreed with the central government on other matters, which is happening now.

“There was no Patriotic Union of Kurdistan member in the Kurdish delegation that agreed with the central government in Baghdad,” al-Sorji added.

“Not everyone knows the position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the case of voting on the budget in its current form,” he pointed out.