Petroleum products set the date for ending cash circulation at gas stations

Petroleum products set the date for ending cash circulation at gas stations

The General Company for Petroleum Products Distribution has announced that cash circulation at gas stations will be completely phased out by the first quarter of next year. Additionally, it has been clarified that during the peak of winter, the maximum amount of white oil that a citizen can receive is 200 liters.

Hussein Talib, the Manager of petroleum derivatives distribution, announced the launch of a new fuel card for white oil in Baghdad. The card contains four vouchers, with each voucher providing 100 liters of fuel. The first voucher was launched at the beginning of December, and the card is valid in Baghdad and other governorates. Talib stated that citizens can get 200 liters of fuel using this card during the peak winter season.

Talib has confirmed that the company is working on automating all projects. This means that their work will be done electronically and will be managed under a unified system. He also mentioned that by the year 2024, there will be no more cash or paper circulation involved in the process of supplying citizens with all kinds of oil derivatives from the Oil Derivatives Distribution Company.

Talib has announced that the Petroleum Derivatives Distribution Company has been experimenting with electronic payment at government filling stations in Baghdad. Although there were issues in the initial trials, the company has resolved them and plans to eliminate cash payments at fuel stations by the first quarter of 2024. All types of Visa cards will be accepted, and the payment process will not be limited to a specific card or party. The Central Bank has licensed multiple gateways for payment and electronic trading at fuel filling stations.

The statement mentioned that there are some media outlets spreading incorrect information about a government project, which has caused confusion among citizens. It was clarified that there is no tax or deduction associated with purchasing the project’s card, and citizens can obtain it for free from banks or through the electronic application provided by the banks. This service is available across all governorates, except for the Kurdistan region.