Pro-Hamas Protests Disrupt Iraqi Oil Exports to Jordan

Pro-Hamas Protests Disrupt Iraqi Oil Exports to Jordan

Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources reported that several tankers carrying crude oil from Iraq to Jordan turned back due to protests at the Trebil border crossing.

For the safety of drivers and tankers, the Iraqi side is committed to implementing the signed memorandum of understanding between the two countries.

According to The National, Iraqi militiamen backed by Iran and other Tehran loyalists have been protesting near the crossing, demanding access to travel through Jordan to fight against Israel.

According to a source from the Ministry, the amount of oil imported from Iraq makes up only 7-10% of Jordan’s total crude oil and petroleum products requirements. It is expected that the return of the tankers will not have a significant impact on the supply of crude oil and petroleum products, since Jordan’s petroleum refinery has significant contracts with Saudi Aramco which enable it to import most of the Kingdom’s oil needs. These contracts also allow for an increase in import quantities in case of any shortages from any source.

Additionally, Jordan’s strategic oil reserves cover over 44 days of needs, while petroleum stockpiles are enough for over two months.