RV excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 22 May 2023


Judy Note:

Right Now Two Global Financial Resets Were in the Works: The Cabal’s Fiat Digital Currency Great Reset and the Alliance’s Gold/Asset-backed Global Currency Reset.

Mon. 22 May: Crypto Currencies Bite the Dust.

Are you sure we have a National Debt? “Has anybody publicly asked a politician who we owe the National Debt to? Who loaned the USA the money they created out of thin air and then charged us interest on that money?

The Culprit is the Federal Reserve Bank, a private organization owned by 13 banking families. This is the greatest gov’t-sponsored travesty ever committed against Humanity on Earth’s surface.”

Two Global Financial Resets Were Happening Right Now: The Cabal’s Fiat Digital Currency Great Reset and the Alliance’s Gold/Asset-backed Global Currency Reset – that was mainly digital, yet fully secured on the new Quantum Star Link Satellite System.

The Cabal’s Great Reset: New ATM Machines in America have a Mark of the Beast Scanner. Soon it will be all about scanning the biometric IDs aka Quantum Dot tattoos on people.

Judy Note on The Alliance’s Global Currency Reset: All Sources have been told to keep quiet. No one has released specific information on when Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would be notified to set appointments to exchange foreign currencies and/or redeem Zim Bonds (the below information applies to other Tiers).

Rumor was that:

On Fri. 19 May in Iraq all electronic financial transfers were suspended such as use of ATMs, credit and debit cards. This strongly implied that the R/V would take place in the next 24-48 hours.

GCR Release Codes were rumored to have been entered.

On Sat. 20 May Buyer platforms were said being funded, with contracts and notifications to go out over the weekend and payments starting on Mon. 22 May.

On Sun. 21 May (early morning EST) the Iraqi Business Week began.

Iraqis were told they would have use of ATMs, credit and debit cards with the new Iraqi Dinar rate in them in two days, or by Tues. 23 May, or perhaps Wed. 24 May.

On Mon. 22 May in Iraq the new Iraqi Dinar rate was to be confirmed prior to the Parliament vote on the budget.

Sat. 20 May MarkZ: “Expectations are for an early vote on Sun. 21 May to officially pass the budget. We are hopeful with the HCL in the budget that we will quickly see a rate change. There is a mechanism in the budget to quickly adjust the value. This is a very important thing that tells us they are planning to change the value. On the bond side I continue to get more and more people with expectations of full closings and full funding of bond deals on the first two days of this week. There were a number of closing scheduled.

Sun. 21 May TNT RayRen98: A Bank manager just messaged me – they were told to go home for the weekend. It was their last weekend off.

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26  They’ll all cross the finish line together – the new exchange rate, the budget, the HCL, the new small category notes, the coins, the ATMs and bring back all the electronic cards and everything that was canceled and frozen for a few days...

Nader From The Mid East   The rate I don’t know if it’s gonna change or not to the budget but they’re gonna have to change the rate.  They have no choice…I don’t know if it’s gonna  float internationally.  I think it’s gonna go straight reinstated to $3.38, $3.45 or whatever…

Disaster for Regional Banks: 40% Decline in Commercial Real-Estate | Bob Moriarty

Liberty and Finance:  5-22-2023

Commercial real-estate could crash by 40%, says marine, naval aviator, and financial author Bob Moriarty.

This crash would be a disaster for regional banks and the whole financial system. However, he believes a collapse is what the system needs.

 It will wake up the American people to get their financial and moral lives in order. He discusses his favorite forms of gold and silver “insurance” for the times ahead.