Supporters of Iraqi Shiite factions demonstrate in protest against America’s “interventions” and its “threat to liquidate their leaders”

Supporters of Iraqi Shiite factions demonstrate in protest against America

On Friday, supporters of Shiite factions held a demonstration in Baghdad to protest against what they see as the United States meddling in Iraqi affairs and its threats to eliminate their leaders.
A large group of Shiite faction supporters gathered at the Green Zone gate near the suspension bridge to protest against the alleged interference of the US ambassador to Baghdad in Iraqi affairs.
The demonstrators chanted, “God is great, God is great, America is the great Satan.”
During the demonstrations, the representative of the Sadiqoon Hassan Salem bloc and the representative of the Saud Al-Saadi rights bloc were both in attendance.
Today, a security source informed Shafaq News agency that over 3,000 security personnel have been deployed to the US embassy in preparation for a demonstration by certain Shiite factions. This protest is in response to an article published by the “Middle East” newspaper claiming that America plans to target leaders of Shiite armed factions in Iraq.
In late 2019, followers of the Iraqi Shiite groups associated with the Popular Mobilization Forces breached the fortified US embassy headquarters’s outer wall in Baghdad’s Green Zone. This was the first time this had happened since the embassy was built after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in the spring of 2003. It’s worth noting this event.
A raid occurred as a protest against the American air strikes that hit the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades’ locations. The attack caused numerous fighters to lose their lives or get injured.