The series of American lies and Iraqi Kurdistan oil

The series of American lies and Iraqi Kurdistan oil

It is often said that criticizing America is unfair as it has a solid democratic system, strong institutions, and is a model for the free world. However, those who hold this opinion do not consider the country’s flaws and injustices, while its allies turn a blind eye. Despite this, America is subject to lies and deceit, including claims made by former American ambassador James Jeffrey, who blamed Iran for disrupting oil exports from Iraqi Kurdistan through Turkey. This accusation is false and shows a biased attitude towards the Iraqi government. Mr. Jeffrey has a history of making false statements and it is possible that he was paid to make them. Evidence shows that it is actually Turkey that is obstructing the exports.

In more detail, Turkey refused to resume exporting Iraqi oil after the delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Oil visited Ankara in June. Turkish officials cited technical issues with the conveyor pipeline’s condition and its vulnerability to damage from the southwest Turkey earthquake as the reason for their refusal.During the minister’s visit, the Turkish attitude of rejection was again reiterated. Iraqi oil to talk about the same issue on August 20th, 2017. After that, when the Turkish Foreign Minister visited Baghdad at the end of August, there was a thorough discussion on the subject. Hakan Fidan transmitted Ankara’s prerequisites for resuming the flow of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan through the Turkish pipeline, which included the following requirements:

1- Iraq should revoke the lawsuit it filed against Turkey at the International Court of Arbitration in Paris, where the court ordered the Turkish side to pay $1.5 billion for breaking the law and selling oil without consulting the Baghdad administration.

2- Iraq pays up damages to Turkish firms managing the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline after oil exports were halted.

3- The pipeline is being maintained by the Iraqi side at its own expense because the earthquake that struck Turkey damaged it.

4- payment of $7 to the Turkish side for each barrel of Iraqi oil exported via the Ceyhan port.

If Turkey’s requirements are like this, then who controls this file, Mr. Jeffrey? In addition to other details that show Turkey’s haughtiness and its haggling with Iraq in this economic file, Jeffrey was oblivious to them, perhaps due to reasons related to his practice of blackmail behavior during his diplomatic work. Isn’t the American lying, inventing crises, and blaming Iran and the Baghdad government standard Zionist-American practice for which no one holds you accountable? Who sets the terms and deals with Iraq over the water issue?

It is evident that America is turning a blind eye to terrorist groups, providing them with logistical support and covering up subversive elements operating in Iraq. It is not surprising to learn about this, but what is surprising is the issuance of a statement from an honest American official who presents the truth as it is. The White House government uses many files to blackmail the Iraqi government in order to weaken and thwart its efforts. It is not worth all the trouble to prove the unproven, cheap, false allegations with ill-conceived goals.