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Tishwash:  Iraq is preparing to start trading in the Turkish lira and the Emirati dirham

 Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Hisham al-Rikabi, said that the Central Bank’s decision to deal in the Turkish lira and the UAE dirham will be implemented in the coming days and will have a positive impact on the decline in the value of the dollar.

Al-Rikabi explained, in a press statement followed by Al-Mustaqila, that “The Central Bank of Iraq has taken a decision to open two commercial accounts in Turkey and the Emirates to operate in the Turkish lira and the Emirati dirham, and the decision will be implemented in the coming days.”

He added, “This decision will contribute to reducing the value of the dollar against other currencies, and it will also strengthen economic relations between Iraq, Turkey, and the UAE.”

The decision of the Central Bank of Iraq to open two commercial accounts in Turkey and the Emirates comes within the framework of the Iraqi government’s efforts to reduce the value of the dollar, as the American currency has witnessed a significant rise against other currencies recently, which has led to an increase in the prices of goods and services in Iraq.

It is expected that the decision of the Central Bank of Iraq will contribute to reducing the value of the dollar by increasing the supply of foreign currencies in the Iraqi market, as it will enable Iraqi companies to convert foreign currencies into the Turkish lira and the Emirati dirham more easily.

The decision is also expected to contribute to strengthening economic relations between Iraq, Turkey, and the UAE, as it will enable Iraqi companies to deal directly with Turkish and Emirati companies without the need to transfer funds to the dollar.  link


Tishwash:  Baghdad International Fair illuminates Baghdad’s lights and splendor and restores its commercial shine

As soon as you visit the ongoing preparations for the opening of the Baghdad International Fair, which was held by the Ministry of Commerce in its (47th) session, you will imagine that Baghdad has become a center of Arab and international commercial, economic, and investment interest, and the current exhibition illuminates the lights of Baghdad and restores its commercial shine.

Al-Bahi, which is visited by dozens of major Arab and international companies, which refused to participate in this session, and they are more reassured that the promising commercial and investment future in Al-Irq bodes well, and that a new era of openness and participation of private sectors has begun to expand, and Iraq is assuming its commercial and economic civilized role. Advanced among countries in the region.

The Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, during his tours in the halls of the Baghdad International Fair, expressed his great interest in the ongoing preparations for the opening of the activities of the Baghdad International Fair on the tenth of January 2024. The current (47th) session will be opened under the patronage of Mr. Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, Prime Minister, and in the presence of a wide official and media presence, and will continue until the nineteenth. From this January.

Al-Ghurairi explained that the 47th session of the Baghdad International Fair differs from previous sessions in terms of the nature of preparations and organization, the diversity and number of participating participations, and the public momentum that we expect will attend to see and witness the Ministry of Commerce’s exhibition, which is full of everything that the Iraqi citizen and the Iraqi merchant can see about his country’s giving and about those participations. Arab and Gulf international companies and Saudi companies in particular, which participated in many companies in their commercial sector, in addition to international companies from Turkey, Iran and various countries of the world.

The Minister stressed his keenness to have the Baghdad International Fair in a new look, with green squares, pavilions, restaurants and fountains that were designed in a modern way, as well as new mechanisms for citizens’ entry and cultural and entertainment events and competitions that will be held during the days of the session.

For his part, the media spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Muhammad Hanoun, said that the current Baghdad International Fair is an Iraqi, Arab and international economic and commercial demonstration that confirmed the interest of the international community in trade relations with Iraq, indicating that Iraq will be a point for attracting Arab and foreign investors, and public and private sector meetings will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition. For the purpose of providing a real partnership to support the Iraqi economy,” he pointed out that the Baghdad exhibition hosts companies from 20 Arab and foreign countries and 850 Arab, local and foreign companies.

As for the General Director of the General Exhibitions Company, Talib Hassan Neama, he indicated that this session will be on a different level from the previous ones in terms of organization, noting that this session comes in light of the great government interest in opening up to the world commercially and economically.

He pointed out that there are important companies and countries present and countries participating for the first time, such as the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan, in this major economic forum, which will serve as a forum for businessmen and investors, in addition to (140) Saudi companies specialized in various fields that will be present in the pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the number reached The rented spaces inside the halls are more than 20,000 square meters, and the outdoor spaces amount to more than 4,000 square metres, pointing out that this session witnesses the participation of a number of ministries and their companies, a number of government institutions and the Iraqi private sector.

Our wishes, and the wishes of all Iraqis, are for the Ministry of Commerce to remain at the forefront of the ministries that are privileged to provide important services in providing the food basket to millions of Iraqi families of good types and types, and that it has gained the satisfaction of citizens who found in its vocabulary what helps broad and poor popular sectors to cope with their conditions and relieve them of suffering.

Prices have risen in the Iraqi market, and they hope to increase the number of items and better types, to alleviate the suffering of poor families who are in dire need of someone to help them in this economic circumstance and the difficult standards of living in their lower classes.  Link


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Militia Man  Article:  “URGENT: The Baghdad Stock Exchange operates on the “NASDAQ” system, and foreigners and banks have become more investors”  This is a very good sign that Iraq is opening to the world…Take notice of what they say about what currency the shares will be denominated in.. The Iraqi dinar. Take even more notice that they are telling the world that the shares will be affected by the exchange rate. With the expectation of a rate change to be stronger than the dollar one could imagine the impact that is already having and how much more growth there will be. This is a very good sign of things to come. I am so ready…


Greg Mannarino:  1-8-2024

2024: The Year Of The Financial Endgame? | Rafi Farber

Liberty and Finance:  1-7-2024

2024 could be the year of the “endgame” financially. “I don’t see this going much longer,” says Rafi Farber of The End Game Investor. He discusses concerning developments in the repo market. The Fed will have to intervene, he says, reverting to easy money.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Basis trade

10:19 Fed intervention

 20:00 Geopolitical conflicts

22:26 Preparedness

24:24 Last thoughts