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Tishwash:  UNODC praises Iraq’s efforts in combating corruption and money laundering

The head of the Federal Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, and the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) discussed effective mechanisms to reduce corruption in state institutions and protect the private sector from involvement in corruption.

Judge (Haider Hanoun), and in his meeting with the Director of the Executive Office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Ghada Wali), reviewed Iraq’s efforts in the field of combating corruption and spreading a culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

He pointed out that the Authority, represented by its Department of Relations with Non-Governmental Organizations, seeks to spread ethical behavior in the public and private sectors, and to hold educational programs and seminars in the field of risk management in the private sector and its impact on applying integrity standards, providing security for businessmen and investment companies, and contributing to the government effort towards… Reconstruction and service provision.

 He pointed out that the Commission held workshops and training courses to develop the cadres of the regulatory agencies and the rest of the employees of state institutions, praising the development of the training programs of the Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy and its digital transformation.

 The Executive Director of UNODC praised Iraq’s efforts in the field of combating corruption and combating money laundering, as well as working with the private sector by holding conferences, noting Iraq’s participation and effectiveness in the CLUB project, and its endeavor to draw up a new strategy for integrity and anti-corruption and adequate preparation and preparation for it.  link


Tishwash:  The European Union confirms its strong support for the development road project

Today, Thursday, the European Union mission to Iraq confirmed the Union’s interest and strong support for the implementation of the development road project, while describing the current completion rates in Al-Faw Port as joyful.

The head of the European Union delegation to Iraq, Thomas Seiler, said during his visit to Basra Governorate to the official agency, “Our visit came with the aim of reviewing the important strategic Al-Faw Port project, where we found pleasing completion rates and are awaiting its completion. We also discussed the issue of investment opportunities available in the project.”

Seiler added, “In Europe, we are following this project, as well as the development road project that will connect the East to the West via Iraq and Turkey, and we strongly support this major strategic project that will save time and effort.”

In turn, the Director General of the General Company for Ports of Iraq, Farhan Al-Fartusi, told the official agency, “The Grand Al-Faw Port, after achieving advanced stages of completion in it, has begun to attract diplomatic missions and major international companies, and this is evidence of the importance of this project internationally and not just regionally and locally.”

Al-Fartusi explained, “The European Union mission to Iraq, headed by Ambassador Thomas Seiler, visited the port and reviewed the work and achievement rates achieved.”  link




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Frank26   Citizens are now being told in [Iraqi] banks about the monetary reform.  Why?  I told you there would be  a massive campaign of education monetary reform…The banks are allowed to answer all the questions now.    

Bruce   [via WiserNow]   I believe that’s going to happen sooner than Christmas. Everything that we’re getting yesterday and today is pointing toward this happening – Very soon…we are right at the precipice of this happening I think we’re looking at getting this done and having a wonderful Christmas moving into the new year with Prosperity.

SILVER TAKES OFF! “2024,” The Year Central Banks FINISH What They Started Over 100 Years Ago.

Greg Mannarino:  12-14-2023

Ukraine Defeat Fear, Argentina Currency Collapse, China’s Economy Angers The West

Sean Foo:  12-14-2023

As the economic war rages on, Ukraine’s funding is now in question with the EU panicking, about to move on Russia’s reserves. More chaos is happening with Argentina’s currency collapse. China, however, has taken a big shift choosing to defy the West’s expectation of a big stimulus. Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 Ukraine Defeat Fears Build

3:08 EU’s Desperate Move

6:15 Argentina’s Currency Collapse

9:52 China Defies The West

12:50 The Great Decoupling