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Tishwash:  Integrity: Arrest of the former Director General of Rafidain Bank

The Federal Integrity Commission announced the arrest of a former government bank director. Because he committed violations in granting a loan to an investor; Which led to intentional damage to the funds and interests of the entity where he worked.

The Commission’s Investigations Department, while talking about the details of the case that the Commission investigated and referred to the judiciary, reported that the judge of the Central Anti-Corruption Criminal Investigation Court decided to arrest the former Director General of Rafidain Bank, who was holding the position of Director of the Credit Department at the bank, noting that the order had been issued As a result of violations committed in granting a loan to an investor; For the purpose of constructing a multi-storey garage in Najaf Governorate.

The department added that the suspended investor obtained a loan worth (26) billion dinars. To build the garage without the bank taking sufficient guarantees from it, indicating that the accused was reluctant to repay the loan. Which caused intentional damage to public funds.

She indicated that the Central Anti-Corruption Criminal Investigation Court decided to arrest the accused. Based on the provisions of Article (340) of the Amended Penal Code No. (111 of 1969). link


Tishwash:  Why impose electronic payment at all gas stations starting next year?

 Today, Wednesday (November 22, 2023), the Petroleum Products Distribution Company revealed the reason for adopting electronic payment at all gas stations, starting at the beginning of next year.

The company’s general manager, Hussein Talib, told “Baghdad Today”, “The trend towards adopting electronic payment at all gas stations, starting from the beginning of next year, aims to end the process of selling above the price, which the majority of citizens complained about.

Talib stressed, “The Petroleum Products Distribution Company is following up on the work of the stations, and will take all legal measures against anyone who tampers with the pricing of selling petroleum products at the stations. We also call on citizens to inform the company of any case of tampering, and the decision to adopt electronic payment at gas stations came to prevent This manipulation is common in most countries of the world.”

Earlier today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Oil set January 1, early next year, as the date for adopting electronic payment at all gas stations.

The Ministry of Oil had actually introduced a number of gas stations on the Rusafa and Karkh sides in Baghdad, with an electronic payment system.

The Iraqi government is moving to activate the electronic payment system for several reasons, the most important of which is eliminating cash dealing and withdrawing financial liquidity from the street, as specialists’ estimates indicate that more than 90% of the cash supply is outside the banking system. link


Tishwash:  Deputy: Removing American forces is a strategic necessity for three reasons

Representative Salem Al-Anbuki confirmed, on Wednesday, that the removal of American forces is a strategic necessity for Iraq in three dimensions.

Al-Anbuki said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “The bombing of the Popular Mobilization Forces by American aircraft is a crime, an attack on the country’s sovereignty, and a blatant violation of all laws,” pointing out that “what happened is a massacre, especially since the list of martyrs has reached 8 so far.”

He added, “Implementing the House of Representatives’ decision to immediately remove American forces is a strategic necessity for Iraq in three dimensions to end its violations against the Iraqi security formations. In addition, it does not provide any real support to the country in confronting terrorism, and the country has great capabilities to defend the security and stability of all provinces and ward off terrorism.” Strong internal and external risks.

He pointed out that “we are awaiting a position from the government regarding the crime of targeting the Popular Mobilization Forces in Jurf al-Nasr because it was targeting an official government force that was carrying out the duties of combating terrorism and securing liberated areas.”

American aircraft bombed one of the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces brigades in Jurf al-Nasr, resulting in martyrs and wounded. link

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Militia Man  The Finance Minister is working with the United States, the UK ambassador and what are they talking about?  …The steps for ascension to the global financial system.  What comes to mind when talking about ‘ascension’ WTO has ascension.  What else?

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  Iraq’s security teams arrested the most dangerous foreign currency smuggler inside of Iraq.  They’re saying this is the head of the snake.  They tell us that by removing this man our reforms will continue and move forward as has been promised to us Iraqi citizens.  FRANK:  These events…are extremely powerful events to allow the new exchange rate to come out.


Largest Banks Begins Shutting Off Accounts, Americans Losing Access To Money!

Atlantis Report:  11-22-2023

With credit card debt hitting an all-time high of 1 trillion dollars, and delinquency rates increasing astronomically, banks are taking drastic measures.

After the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and four other major banks this year, other banks are tightening their belts to avoid going under.

The economy is being thrown into a precarious state– inflation is eating deeper, interest rates are rising, Americans need credit they cannot afford to pay back and banks are recording massive losses.

Now, the banks want to get their money back by all means, even if it means leaving people stranded with no dime at all.