TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Friday 1-12-2024


CandyKisses:  Gold prices rise as tensions escalate in the Middle East

Gold prices rose on Friday as fears of exacerbating the conflict in the Middle East due to international air strikes on Yemen increased, leading to a rise in the appeal of the yellow metal as a safe haven.

By 0427 GMT, spot gold was up 0.3 percent at $2,033.89 an ounce. However, it has fallen 0.6% so far this week.

Gold futures rose almost 1% to $2,038.00, according to Reuters.

The United States and Britain have launched strikes against Houthi-linked positions in Yemen, while Saudi Arabia has called for restraint in light of the strikes.

In broader financial markets, Asian stocks were cautious on Friday, as escalating conflict in the Red Sea region sent oil prices higher.

Data on Thursday showed that the U.S. rose more than expected consumer prices in December, but excluding volatile food and energy costs, the pace of price increases fell to 3.9% from 4% year-on-year.

Spot silver rose 0.4% to $22.82 an ounce, platinum gained 0.2% to $917.48, and palladium rose 0.1% to $989.29.

Tishwash:  The first parliamentary comment on the “bombing of Yemen”… 3 serious repercussions for the Middle East – urgent

Today, Friday (January 12, 2024), Representative Waad Al-Qaddu described the bombing of Yemen as another aggression that affects the security of Arab and Islamic countries .

Al-Qaddo said in an interview with “Baghdad Today” that “launching air strikes on several areas in Yemen by American aircraft and some of its allies from the West is a continuation of the scenario of aggression against Arab and Islamic countries and an implementation of the White House’s arrogance in using force against any countries that do not follow the path of the House’s interests.” the White”.

He added, “There are 3 serious repercussions of the bombing of Yemen, the most prominent of which is economic, because its geographical location on sea routes constitutes 25-30% of international transport traffic, meaning that any confusion will lead to very serious consequences,” pointing out that “America is leading the world into chaos from During its adventures in an attempt to control countries through brute force.

 Al-Qaddo pointed out, “The bombing of Yemen is condemned and denounced, and its repercussions will not remain within specific geographical boundaries, and the White House will pay the price for it in the end,” pointing out that “the Yemenis will not forget the American aggression and they will inevitably have a response.”

He pointed out, “Many countries’ rejection of Washington’s illegal interventions confirms that the world has begun to change and rejects the American policy that has created tragedies for dozens of countries in recent decades.”

Fadi Al-Shammari, advisor to the Prime Minister, confirmed today, Friday (January 12, 2024), that the West has begun to expand the circle of conflict and tensions in the region .

Al-Shammari said in a blog post on the “X” platform, followed by “Baghdad Today”: “While the West is supposed to work to restore its shame with the stories of human and animal rights that were undermined by positions towards Israel’s war against Palestine and the children, women, and civilians of Gaza, it is committing another foolishness by expanding the circle of conflict and increasing Tensions in the region .”

He continued, “While (the West) calls on others to exercise restraint, reduce areas of tension, and avoid escalation .”

It is noteworthy that the United States and Britain began a massive attack on several Yemeni cities at dawn on Friday, targeting sites belonging to the Houthis   link


CandyKisses:  Russia requests an emergency session of the Security Council following the US and British bombing of Yemen

Baghdad Today – Follow-up

On Friday morning (January 12, 2024), Russia requested an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council due to the strikes carried out by the United States and its allies in Yemen.

Russia’s UN mission said on Telegram: “Russia has requested an emergency session of the UN Security Council on January 12 due to strikes carried out by the United States and Britain in Yemen.”

According to Sputnik, the meeting was requested to take place at 10:00 am (18:00 Moscow time).

Earlier, the United States and Britain began launching strikes on Ansar Allah targets in the capital Sanaa and the provinces of Hodeidah, Saada and Dhamar.

For its part, the Pentagon confirmed this morning that the United States, in coordination with its partners, carried out strikes on targets of the “Ansar Allah” group (Houthis) in Yemen, and intends to soon reveal the details of the operation.

This morning, Ansar Allah announced its readiness to engage in any confrontation with the United States and Britain, considering that targeting it with any military action comes in support of Israel.

The developments came a day after Ansar Allah leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi announced that his group would continue its military operations in the Red Sea to prevent ships linked to Israel or heading to its ports from sailing to pressure Tel Aviv to lift the blockade on Gaza.

On Thursday, the UN Security Council adopted a US-Japanese draft resolution (2722), condemning attacks by Ansar Allah on ships in the Red Sea, demanding an immediate halt to them.

The Security Council resolution came a day after Ansar Allah announced that it had carried out a joint operation with a large number of ballistic missiles, naval and drones targeting a US ship that it said was providing support to Israel, considering it a “preliminary response” to the bombing by US forces, last week, of the group’s boats and the killing of 10 of its members.

Meanwhile, the US Central Command announced the foiling of an attack by “Ansar Allah”, which it described as “complex” with 18 drones, two anti-ship cruise missiles, and an anti-ballistic missile, towards international shipping lanes in the southern Red Sea, noting that the attack is the group’s 26th since November 19.

Tensions escalated in the Red Sea after Ansar Allah announced last Sunday that 10 of its forces were killed in a US bombing that targeted three of its boats, blaming Washington for the consequences.