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CandyKisses:  Sudanese: Iraq is going to end the presence of the international coalition forces and we reject the US attacks on our forces

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani confirmed on Thursday (December 28, 2023) that Iraq is going to end the presence of the international coalition forces, while renewing his rejection of the US attacks on Iraq.

Al-Sudani said at a press conference with his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez: “We welcome the visit of the Spanish Prime Minister to Iraq,” adding, “We held important dialogues and stressed the importance of the relationship between the two countries.”

CandyKisses:  Sudanese announces expansion of relations with Spain, joint committee held in mid-2024

{Politicy: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani announced the agreement of Iraq and Spain to strengthen partnership and cooperation between the two countries in various fields during a time limit.

“We stressed the importance of the relationship with Spain and its development and agreed on a year-long schedule that establishes a broad partnership,” Al-Sudani said at a press conference with his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez, in Baghdad.

He announced that “the meeting of the Iraqi-Spanish Joint Committee will be held in Baghdad in mid-2024.”

Al-Sudani pointed out that they “consulted in benefiting from the Spanish experience in water and solar energy management, and we invited Spain to participate in the Baghdad conference.”

He stressed that “the government is continuing to end the presence of the international coalition in Iraq,” noting that “targeting diplomatic missions is harms the interest of Iraq.”

He stressed that “Iraqi sovereignty cannot be compromised and are able to maintain the security of the missions,” noting that “the war on Gaza revealed the failure of the international system to maintain security.”

For his part, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed his happiness to visit Baghdad, pointing out that he “held fruitful consultations with the Prime Minister and we touched on the development of relations between the two countries.”

“We are committed to supporting the stability of Iraq and we will make a joint declaration to define the areas with Iraq and we will hold a meeting of the joint committee in Baghdad,” he added.

“There is a desire for Spanish companies to contribute to the construction of Iraq and Gaza, which is in a tragic situation, and we refuse to target civilians in the Strip,” Sudani continued.

The Spanish prime minister called for “a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and Iraq, a country of civilizations, and we are honored to visit us to Baghdad and aspire to strengthen relations.”


Tishwash:  Iraq negotiates with the Japanese company Toyota to enter the energy field

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Ziyad Ali Fadel, discussed with the Japanese Toyota company the signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish energy production projects and rehabilitate production units in Iraq.

The Ministry’s media office said in a press statement, “Minister of Electricity, Ziad Ali Fadel, received the regional director of the Japanese Toyota Tsusho Company, Tokuji Koyama, in his office, and listened to a presentation made by the Japanese company to establish energy production and transmission projects and rehabilitate production units in multiple regions of the country.” “The country.”

According to the statement, Fadel welcomed “the Japanese company’s offers,” calling for “accelerating the submission of official technical offers to agree on signing the memorandum of understanding, in preparation for starting the projects.”

Fadel stressed, “taking the time factor as a top priority when submitting offers, and reducing the duration of project implementation to ensure the stability and sustainability of electrical energy in Iraq,” renewing his call for foreign companies to “seize the available investment opportunities and implement various projects in the energy sector.”  link


CandyKisses:  Iran and Russia plan to trade in local currency instead of dollars

Economy News-Follow-up

Iranian state media reported that Iran and Russia have reached an agreement on trade in their local currencies instead of the US dollar.

She added that the agreement was signed during a meeting between the governors of the central banks of the two countries in Russia.

Both Iran and Russia are under U.S. sanctions.

“Banks and economic actors can now use infrastructures including internal interbank banking systems, without having to use the Universal Interbank Financial Communication Association (SWIFT) system to deal in local currencies,” the media said.

Members of the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union signed a full free trade agreement with Iran on December 25.

Iran’s importance to the Kremlin has grown after Western sanctions imposed on Moscow over Moscow’s conflict in Ukraine limited Russia’s foreign trade routes and forced it to seek markets outside Europe.

Iranian authorities have stated that military cooperation with Russia is expanding. Iran said in November it had finalized arrangements for Su-35 fighter jets, Mi-28 attack helicopters and Yak-130 military training aircraft from Russia.