Washington comments on the Iraq deal with Total: a giant step

Washington comments on the Iraq deal with Total a giant step

On Wednesday, the White House celebrated the completion of Iraq’s innovative integrated gas growth project (GGIP) alongside French company TotalEnergies. The US State Department hailed the deal as a significant stride towards energy self-sufficiency and improved security within the country.

The White House released a statement, translated into English, regarding the recent official signing of a significant deal with a French company in Iraq. The deal involves the participation of various American and regional companies and is seen as a significant move towards Iraq’s goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency and meeting its climate targets.

The completion of the project will bring about benefits for Iraqis, such as a boost in the country’s domestic electricity supply and a decrease in health issues related to gas flaring, as stated by the speaker.

According to a statement from the White House, Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser, has confirmed that the United States is fully supportive of Iraq’s ongoing efforts to increase its domestic flexibility and diversify its energy supplies, which includes broader integration into the Middle East region.

According to Sullivan, the Energy and Gas Capture Project and other initiatives to connect Iraq’s electricity grid to those in the GCC and Jordan will greatly improve Iraq’s energy security and the reliability of the electricity grid. This will be beneficial for the Iraqi people.
The National Security Adviser concluded by affirming that they will maintain close collaboration with the Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani’s government to ensure that the vast natural resources in Iraq are utilized for the benefit of its people and meet their necessities.
The US State Department views the agreement between the Iraqi government and Total Energies as a significant move towards energy independence and improved security within the country.

In a statement today, a spokesperson for the State Department named Matthew Miller expressed support for Iraq’s endeavors to attain energy independence and enhance service provision.

During a press conference, Miller stated that the energy agreement between Iraq and Total Energies represents a significant milestone in improving energy security and creating economic prospects for all Iraqis.

Recently, the Iraqi Oil Ministry has signed a $27 billion contract with Total for four oil and gas projects and renewable energy initiatives.