Weekend News and Chat with MarkZ 9-23-2023


Weekend News with MarkZ

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Morning Mark, Mods, Patriots and Gurus!

MZ: We talk to Matt and Lucas for awhile and then dive into the news from the week around 40 minutes into the podcast.

Member: Rumors out there that Iraq has already RV’d and posted the rate in the Gazette.

MZ: It is not in the Gazette yet…..they have not done it yet…..someone is crying “wolf” to soon…imo

MZ: But….the chatter has been over the top including the bond side this weekend.

MZ: Most of my bond folks are looking for it this coming week with an outside date of Oct. 8th…but…..some of those bond folks were late to the bond game and were told they would go “post RV” meaning those bond folks late to join the line would go a few days after the event.

MZ: Group leaders are really not saying much.

MZ: The chatter in Iraq right now is for a rate change early in the week . there is a lot of reporting out there that it has already happened but I can tell you (from contacts on the ground over there) that it has not occurred yet…..the frenzy is whipping up for certain but, it has not gone yet.

MZ: Nader was pointing that out as well that it is not in the Gazette yet. He also believes there are no redemption centers-just banks. This is one of those things that is just “terminology” .

MZ: When I say redemption centers ….I am saying this is a bank with specially trained staff  and equipment to verify currency on premises….so we don’t have to send it off to be verified. That’s what I call redemption centers. Maybe I should start calling them “redeeming banks?”

MZ: So a redemption center is a bank in the region …in your area…that is specially equipped and set up with the people who have been trained to handle it.   This difference in terminology causes a tremendous amount of confusion.

Member: Mark has always said these are locations set up by the banks for our privacy and security…maybe in offices at bank branches or empty buildings to use during our 30 day exchange process…….maybe some on military bases but still with the banks….

Member: If I hear “this is our week” one more time I;m going to burst with frustration.

MZ: Noone knows the exact date….they cloud things on purpose. But things look great and there is a “potential” for it to happen soon…..

MZ: MilitiaMan also did a great video for certain. I haighly suggest everyone support and share these intel providers.  I will work on having him on again early in the week to compare what he has heard with what I have heard.

MZ: “Iraq to reopen embassy in Vietnam” . This is good news and showing their ties. Vietnam and Iraq are both major trading partners and of course we expect both currencies to revalue at the same time….

MZ: Going back to the video MilitiaMan did…”A natural place in the international Community”  Reopening embassies is important….If Iraq is going to be international player…they are going to need an “International Currency”

Member: Is Sudani back in Iraq?

Member:  Militia man posted an article this am in Patreon that Sudani is already back in Iraq

MZ: I heard he would be back in Iraq late this evening or early tomorrow.That is from my sources…Still waiting for confirmation. A lot of people in Iraq believe that is when we will see the rate change. It sounds plausible to me and I am very hopeful that is the case.

MZ: “Iraq’s Prime Minister talks to CNN about the future of his country’s relationship with the US”  So they are starting to cover stories like this even in the MSM. This is showing Iraq is coming to the world stage.

Member:  Wanting to know what Canadian Banks deal with RV?

Member: Most likely RBC, Bank of NS maybe CIBC or HSBC but won’t know for sure until it happens

Member: Any work on the rate of the Venezuelan bolivar…

MZ: Not yet , but it is interesting that they came out with a new series of notes….with less zeros on it. I will bring the article over first thing on Monday morning….for these new notes to have value – their currency value on the bolivar is going to have to change substantially for them to use those “Venezuela unveils new currency with 6 fewer zeros” 

Member: Just like Iraq and their new lower denominations…..

Member: I wonder if there will be trillionaires after the RV?

MZ: What I was told is (from someone at the top) that it will create a bunch of Millionaires…and .a handful of Billionaires …..that is what I was told. I do not expect the Zim rate to be 1 to 1 with the US dollar. Zimbabwe also uses the term dollar….but a Zimbabwe dollar is worth far lass than a US dollar but it causes a great deal of confusion. But the payout will still be exciting and amazing. The Zim still has tremendous potential….

Member: You thought one Zim 100T note would be worth 30 million US dollars at one point….that is so amazing.

Member:  Saturday- Banks and online payment systems will suffer an outage in Europe and the United States spreading worldwide. Talks of a Liquidity and credit crisis happening will spread rapidly.

Member:  Late-Sunday night Euro-zone banks will suffer a liquidity issue and fail critical margin levels.

Member: Remember that old Bloomberg article that said one Saturday night when all the banks worldwide are closed….they will change the rates and we would all wake up some Monday morning to a whole new world…..maybe tonight is that night.

Member: May everyone have a great weekend! Stay positive…..

Member: God bless..and everyone stay safe.


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