A British newspaper reveals new American influence in Iraq through trade and economics

A British newspaper reveals new American influence in Iraq through trade and economics

On Saturday, a British GSI investigation disclosed that certain Iraqi businesses and traders are attempting to increase American political and economic sway over their nation.

“Several Iraqi importers expressed their desire for American suppliers, under the pretext of the poor quality of Chinese goods, and requested assistance in finding American companies to replace them,” according to the report, which was translated by the

In the area of electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, heavy machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, mining, extraction and processing systems, and communications infrastructure, he continued, these demands came from Iraqi importers.

“Sadly, and shockingly, major American companies are not interested in, nor equipped to sell in, the Middle East’s fastest growing markets,” he concluded. This is not a good business decision. Furthermore, the reality that Iraqi importers are actively looking for American businesses to take the position of their suppliers. “It also has negative geopolitical implications for China.”

According to the source, “the problem lies in some American companies that, under the pretext of political fluctuations between the two countries, do not want to sell to the Iraqis, and they must buy from regional distributors in the Middle East.” I have occasionally asked for in-person product demos for Iraqi importers who are in the US, but my requests have been flatly denied and sent back to the regional funnel. Worse, some American company distributors in the Middle East argue that Iraq is not now on our priority list, which makes them unwilling to offer items to Iraqi customers.