A deputy responds to Al-Sadr’s request to close the American embassy in Baghdad

A deputy responds to Al-Sadr’s request to close the American embassy in Baghdad

On Friday, Member of Parliament Burhan Al-Mamouri responded to Muqtada Al-Sadr’s request to close the American embassy in Baghdad.

In a statement received by NRT Arabic, Al-Mamouri stated that, upon the request of Muqtada al-Sadr, a campaign will be launched to gather signatures from representatives to shut down the U.S. embassy in the capital.

According to him, a binding draft law will be presented to the Presidency of Parliament, calling for an extraordinary session to discuss the closure of the American embassy. The law will be put to vote in the House of Representatives.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, has called for the closure of the American embassy in Iraq. He cited the embassy’s unwavering support for Israel against Gaza as the reason for his demand.

“From the standpoint of supporting the oppressed in the east and west of the earth, I demand (the Iraqi government) and (the Iraqi parliament) with all its factions and orientations, for the first time and for the sake of public, not private, interests, to vote on closing the American embassy in Iraq for unlimited American support for the terrorist Zionists against Gaza,” Al-Sadr wrote in a blog post on the (X) website, which was subsequently picked up by NRT Arabic.

“We are waiting for the government’s answer, action, and response to this demand,” he said, pointing out that “closing the embassy comes with a commitment to protect its diplomatic personnel and not attack them by the shameless militias that want to undermine the security and safety of Iraq.”

He stated, “If the government and parliament do not respond, we will have another position to announce later.” He emphasized the importance of obedience and avoiding the use of weapons.

“We hope the jihadists and the axis of resistance will not object to this demand under the pretext of economic distress due to the American treasury,” he said in closing. God Almighty forbid total quiet will result in normalcy, oddity, and poverty.