A new maneuver for the region regarding the salaries of its employees…these are its details

A new maneuver for the region regarding the salaries of its employees...these are its details

A previous representative of STX Marine Help was prosecuted last Thursday for supposedly releasing key innovations and data about the organization’s Iraqi power plant the executives task to a subcontractor in the Center Eastern country, the boat and power plant the board specialist co-op said Monday.

The previous worker is claimed to have spilled center innovations about STX Marine Help’s power plant the board project somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2021, subsequent to laying out an organization in conspiracy with the Iraqi subcontractor when he worked for the Korean firm.

In 2021, STX Marine Help got a few honors for its diesel power plant the board project in Iraq, which made positions for around 100 Koreans and around 700 Iraqis. The organization underlined that the task has empowered the inflow of $80 million into Korea consistently.

“In conspiracy with the Iraqi subcontractor to take the $500 million task from our organization, the previous representative invalidated our confidential agreement with the Iraqi government and partook in a public delicate for the undertaking by using proprietary innovations he took from us,” a STX Marine Help official said.

STX Marine Assistance pointed out for public this matter, guaranteeing that the taken mysteries are connected with public safety. The organization added that a different police examination is in progress for the previous representative’s arrangement of unjustifiable benefits to the Iraqi subcontractor and supply of bad quality grease, which harmed the power plant’s motors.