A representative calls for amendments to the 2024 budget tables

A representative calls for amendments to the 2024 budget tables

On Tuesday, Delegate Salem Al-Anbaki called for significant changes to the 2024 financial plan tables.

Al-Anbaki said in a meeting with , “The 2024 financial plan timetables will show up toward the end or start of the following week as per assumptions, particularly since its postpone will prevent the advancement of settling numerous significant documents connected with the freedoms of different fragments.”

He added, “We called for alterations to be made to its timetables, prompting the consideration of 750 understudies acknowledged to the detriment of the Service of Protection to start finishing their systems, as well as including managerial and instructive alumni who are available in Baghdad and the other territories, while remembering analysts for the Service of Guard staff as regular citizen representatives who are alumni of schools.” Political Theory “.

He called attention to that “there are requests to help different sections, focusing on that” the appearance of the financial plan plans is significant to examine them to decide on them before the beginning of the regulative opening of the Place of Agents on May 10 next.

It is important that the 2024 financial plan plans have not yet arrived at the Place of Delegates, anticipating their choice by a higher board in the public authority.