After the Sudanese left for America… Expert: Iraq is economically threatened

After the Sudanese left for America... Expert: Iraq is economically threatened

Nabil Al-Ali, a specialist in economics, predicted that the prime minister’s journey to Washington on Saturday will center on economic matters in addition to political and security ones.

“There is a fundamental issue that is deemed the most important,” Al-Ali stated. “We must exert pressure on the US Federal Bank to create a new mechanism to release US export funds with an unconditional desire on the part of the Iraqi government.”

He further stated, “Iraq will remain economically threatened due to the US Federal Reserve’s control over its oil exports.”

He said about “the issue of Iraq’s exit from Chapter Seven requires broad economic measures in all economic sectors and the Iraqi economy not to rely on the money it receives from oil exports.”

He said, “The Sudanese government has a strategic vision to get out of this item in a gradual manner through the completion of the large port of Al-Faw, the strategic development road project, and the activation of the oil industry sectors, various industries, and the agricultural sector.”