Al-Fateh: The American decision still dominates Iraq.. What do we need to get rid of it?

Al-Fateh: The American decision still dominates Iraq.. What do we need to get rid of it?

It was reported today, Saturday, that the Al-Fatah Alliance believes that American influence still dominates Iraqi decision-making. Although the country has not fully recovered, the Alliance hinted at the possibility of removing Iraqi funds from American custody.

During an interview, Aed Sahib, the leader of the coalition, stated that America is exerting pressure on Iraq because it has not fully complied with the UN resolutions. The process of removing Iraqi funds from American custody may also result in the loss and seizure of these funds, which is a cause of concern.

In his statement, he mentioned that the Iraqi government has not fully regained its strength. He also pointed out the difference in the ability of Iraq and Qatar to handle the United States, highlighting that Qatar has a significant advantage due to its possession of large sovereign funds.

The leader of the Al-Amiri coalition stated that the policies confirm Iraq’s continued lack of official recovery, with American influence still dominant in Iraqi political decision-making.

Sahib stated that Iraq needs a significant period to eliminate its economic issues and gain control of its situation, independent of America.

Haider al-Abadi, the leader of the Victory Alliance, stated that the United States is imposing restrictions on Iraq concerning the use of the dollar while simultaneously allowing its smuggling through banks located in Turkey and the Emirates. This suggests that Washington views Iraq as a crucial country in the region.

In recent times, the United States has imposed sanctions on Iraqi banks and prohibited the use of the dollar currency, which has caused a severe financial crisis in the Iraqi markets. These measures have led to the devaluation of the Iraqi currency and created significant economic challenges for the country.