Al-Maliki’s coalition nominates “Abdul Rasul Al-Atbi” for the position of governor of Diyala

Al-Maliki's coalition nominates "Abdul Rasul Al-Atbi" for the position of governor of Diyala

Diyala Committee part from Al-Maliki’s alliance, Turki Jadaan, affirmed on Friday that his alliance has introduced another contender for the place of lead representative.

Jadaan said in a meeting with , “The Territory of Regulation alliance chose in its last gathering to name Abdul-Rasul Al-Atbi for the place of Legislative leader of Diyala, bringing up that the designation took its true course in illuminating every single political power.”

He added, “Al-Attabi is one of the youthful characters known for his capability and experience, bringing up that” the following 72 hours will observer a progression of gatherings with delegates of the other powers to keep making agreements zeroed in on choosing the development of the nearby government.

He brought up that “Maliki’s alliance changing its applicants comes to accelerate the choice to shape the neighborhood government in Diyala, considering the presence of agreement inside the structure that the position is his right.”

Diyala comprises a political complex subsequent to hindering the development of the nearby government for over 90 days because of conflicts between the powers and the coalitions.