Al-Sadiqoun responds to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait regarding Khor Abdullah and the Durra field

Al-Sadiqoun responds to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait regarding Khor Abdullah and the Durra field

The Sadiqoun parliamentary caucus demanded today, Thursday, that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia uphold Iraq’s sovereignty and that the government act to protect Iraq’s maritime sovereignty.

Representative Hassan Salem, the leader of the group, stated in a blog post on the (X) platform that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait had to recognize Iraq’s sovereignty. Iraqi Fakhr Abdullah and the Durra Field are pleading with the government to act toward the two nations.

“The Khor Abdullah agreement was declared invalid by the Federal Court, stating that silence would compromise the nation’s maritime sovereignty,” he continued.
The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must “deposit a copy of the Federal Court’s decision invalidating this agreement to the UN Security Council,” he once again demanded of it.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait issued a joint statement urging Iraq to abide by the accord that governs marine navigation in Khor. Abdullah asserted in the 2012 agreement between Kuwait and Iraq that the Durra field is situated inside Kuwait’s maritime borders.

The Iraqi parliament approved in 2013 to adopt an agreement governing sea navigation in “Khor Abdullah,” however the Federal Supreme Court declared that the measure was invalid.

The vote was deemed unlawful by the Federal Court, which based its decision to invalidate the agreement on the fact that it did not get the two-thirds majority of House of Representatives members required by Article 61 of the Constitution.

The port of Khor Abdullah, which is situated between both islands in the extreme north of the Arabian Gulf, was split between Kuwait and Iraq according to the terms of the agreement. The port of Umm Qasr is situated in the Basra Governorate in southern Iraq. Khor Al-Zubair is formed by the Iraqi Al-Faw Peninsula, the Kuwaiti Warba and Bubiyan, and the Iraqi Warba.