Al-Sudani: Iraq’s relationship with America must develop beyond security issues

Al-Sudani: Iraq’s relationship with America must develop beyond security issues

On Friday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani underscored the significance of strengthening the relationship between Iraq and America across diverse domains rather than solely focusing on security.

This is a statement made by Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani during an interview with CNN. The Prime Minister emphasized the need for the relationship between Iraq and the United States to extend beyond security issues.

The US President Joe Biden has extended an invitation to Al-Sudani. In response to this, Al-Sudani mentioned that a date is being arranged by the US and Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs this year. One of the crucial topics that will be discussed in the meeting is the strategic framework agreement.

According to him, the agreement between the two countries should be implemented because there is a strong desire to develop their relationship beyond just security. He emphasized that Iraq has significant economic resources and is a major player in the energy market, which presents various opportunities for American companies to work in different economic, service, and urban sectors in Iraq.

Regarding security and American intervention, the Iraqi PM said, “Our concern is security and relationship with the international coalition.”

Al-Sudani stated that Iraq currently does not require combat forces, whether from the United States or any other international coalition countries. He emphasized that the Iraqi security forces have achieved a high level of readiness, capability, and efficiency in terms of maintaining security and stability, as well as tracking down ISIS cells. According to him, the groups pursuing in the deserts pose no threat to the state and have no place in the mountains and caves.