An American institution: Washington’s pressures towards the Sudanese government threaten its survival

An American institution: Washington’s pressures towards the Sudanese government threaten its survival

A report by the American Century Foundation confirmed on Thursday that the Sudanese government faces challenges to its survival, especially due to economic pressures from the US.

According to a report translated by an undisclosed source, Iraq has made progress in the services sector, job opportunities, and reduction of regional tensions. However, the country still faces three main challenges. Reports show that there is a high risk of economic collapse due to deep structural challenges and dependence on oil exports. One of the most difficult issues that the government has to deal with is the devaluation of the dinar and the pressure exerted by the United States to restrict the flow of dollars, which has a significant impact on the Iraqi market.

According to the report, there are two major obstacles to be addressed in Kirkuk: social unrest and the fear of escalating tensions, particularly with the upcoming local elections in December. Moreover, climate change has also led to an increase in migration from rural areas to cities, causing population inflation in cities with limited opportunities and weak infrastructure. Infrastructure crime is also expected to rise.

The report highlights that corruption is the most significant challenge currently facing the government, and addressing it is not an easy task. The report further states that despite the government’s efforts, corruption continues to persist, and there has been no accountability for the massive corruption scandals, such as the “theft of the century” involving $2.5 billion. This corruption has far-reaching consequences and continues to cause losses and tragedies at the national level.

According to the report, Al-Sudani has been successful in balancing the interests of the parties in the coalition he leads. He has managed to reach agreements to secure federal funding for Iraqi Kurdistan. However, it is uncertain if he can continue to make such deals with the upcoming elections and intense competition.