Anbari politician: Al-Halbousi’s wealth reached $4 billion after his presidency of Parliament

Anbari politician: Al-Halbousi’s wealth reached $4 billion after his presidency of Parliament

On Monday, Dhari Abu Risha, Secretary-General of the Popular Movement for Reform in Anbar Governorate, made the revelation that the ousted President Muhammad al-Halbousi possesses enormous sums of money, with an estimated value of more than $4 billion. This places him first among the highest-paid figures in Anbar Governorate and possibly across all governorates. The other.

In a statement to the, Al-Dulaimi stated, “The Federal Integrity Commission enacted the law, where did you get this from through a letter that it addressed to a number of representatives after their money swelled, but unfortunately we have not seen any implementation of this law, and there is negligence in not holding Al-Halbousi and others accountable, and there is We hear talk about the ousted President Muhammad al-Halbousi’s possession of a sum of money

He added, “Al-Halbousi’s spending plan is comparable to the financial plan of adjoining nations, and he utilizes this cash to accomplish his objectives in participation and coordination with noticeable and persuasive political figures in the focal government, who share normal interests,” showing that “political impacts kept the expelled president from being considered responsible and alluded to the legal executive, in spite of the presence of convincing proof demonstrating his contribution.” With debasement documents, the burglary of enormous amounts of cash from the Anbar spending plan and compassionate associations, various defilement records, and the seizure of terrains having a place with the state, obtaining and transformation of them as venture potential open doors.”

He focused on that “the expansion of Al-Halbousi’s assets to multiple billion bucks could never have arrived at this degree of abundance had it not been for him expecting the administrative roles of Legislative leader of Anbar, Speaker of the Place of Delegates, and Top of the Taqaddam Party, his administration of the governorate’s issues, and his procurement of immense amounts of cash distributed for reproduction projects and the robbery of state grounds and transforming them into speculation amazing open doors, also… “His securing of amounts of cash from compassionate associations.”