Between acceptance and rejection… Will the House of Representatives succeed in passing the budget?

Between acceptance and rejection… Will the House of Representatives succeed in passing the budget?

In spite of the rise of significant issues with the spending plan tables, to decrease the spending plan of the governorates, particularly the focal and southern ones, the overall climate inside the Place of Agents demonstrates that these tables will be decided on next Monday.

It is significant that the 2024 spending plan added up to 211 trillion dinars, while last year’s financial plan added up to 199 trillion dinars.

The 2024 spending plan tables were exposed to debate and analysis by numerous individuals from the Place of Delegates, since they diminished the governorates’ spending plan and gave it to the services, as certain individuals reported that they wouldn’t decide on the spending plan in its ongoing structure.

Free MP Mustafa Sanad distributed a table appearance the level of spending plan finish by services and governorates.

The table shows that the governorates’ accomplishment rate is higher than the services.

Sanad remarked on the table, saying, “They rebuffed the governorates and financed the services, under the affection that they didn’t spend their cash.”

He called for “noticing the numbers in the table.”

Notwithstanding, a delegates saw that issue with the timetables was only an endeavor to upset the financial plan.

This is the very thing MP Hussein Habib cautioned against, who uncovered endeavors by some to disturb the decision on the 2024 financial plan.

Habib told “” that, “The Administration of the Place of Delegates has set the day after tomorrow, Monday, as the date for introducing the 2024 financial plan plans for a decision on it, bringing up that it is a significant spending plan.” To fund projects, continue work on slacking projects, and offer significant types of assistance in all governorates.

He added, “There are three difficulties confronting the 2024 spending plan plans, the most conspicuous of which are the endeavors of some to impede any indications of solidness and the beginning of reproduction, and the endeavor to set flighty circumstances that need to return in light of what occurred in previous long stretches of squandering public cash, blocking undertakings, and signs of disappointment, some of which are as yet obvious through an enormous sum.” Of the slowed down and deferred projects.

He brought up that “deciding on the spending plan will expand the speed of the public authority’s execution of its program, bringing up that the spending plan is a public matter that should be kept from any obstruction to take advantage of it by any party.”

Today, Saturday, the Parliamentary Money Council continued its gathering to compose and peruse the spending plan plans report.

A short assertion from the board of trustees got by “Al-Maalouma” expressed, “The gathering is in anticipation of deciding on the plans inside the panel prior to submitting them to the administration of the committee.”

An individual from the Money Panel, Moeen Al-Kazemi, uncovered to Al-Ma’louma that the board of trustees will finish today perceptions on the timetables that it will submit today to the Administration of the Committee.

In the mean time, an individual from the Parliamentary Money Board, Moeen Al-Kadhimi, declared that the council will endorse the financial plan plans, in anticipation of submitting them to a vote during the Place of Delegates meeting next Monday.

Al-Kadhimi told Al-Maalouma, “The board will hold a gathering today to conclude its choice on the spending plan plans, prior to submitting them to a vote.”

He pushed, “The board of trustees will present today report or tomorrow to the Acting Speaker of the Place of Delegates, Mohsen Al-Nadalawi, to introduce it to a vote during its meeting next Monday.”

As indicated by these repercussions, apparently the level of the individuals who consented to pass the financial plan was a lot higher than the people who had a problem with its timetables.