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Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Monday Afternoon 11-13-23

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A New Step May Fluctuate The Dollar Exchange Rates.. What Do Economists Think?

 Posted 12 seconds ago    News source /newsroom  News source/ newsroom  Today, Sunday, the economic expert, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, explained the impact of the approval to enhance the dollar balance of 10 banks on exchange rates in local Iraqi markets, while explaining the repercussions of the decision.    

Al-Mashhadani said, in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, that  “visiting the balance of ten banks in dollars will be one of the factors that will reduce the pressure on the dinar.”

Because a portion of the financial transfers that pass through the electronic platform are rejected for some reason or without,” indicating that

“the past few days have witnessed the rejection of 80% of external transfers.”

 He added,   “The pressure will be eased on the dinar as well; Because the transfer transactions, or the transferees, instead of being audited by the US Federal Bank, will be audited by JP Morgan,” pointing out that “the latter’s scrutiny is more severe than the Federal Reserve Bank.” 

The economic expert explained,   “These banks have relationships, as partners, with international banks such as Al-Qantar National, Capital Bank, and the Kuwait Finance Bank, in addition to the Kuwait National,” noting that

“it is true that these banks are Iraqi, but the entry of the founding partners of these international banks, organized “To them.”  Al-Mashhadani stated,

 “The transfer mechanism will pass without the Central Bank of Iraq, especially after transfers were delayed by 8-20 days.

However, using this method, it is possible to pass financial transfers within a day or two.”

Earlier today, a government source revealed an Iraqi-American agreement to enhance the balance of 10 banks in dollars in light of the recent meetings of the Central Bank with the American side, five of which were through Citibank, and the other five through JP Morgan.

During the current period, the exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets are witnessing a significant increase, as the exchange rate of 100 dollars reached more than 164 thousand dinars, in light of large sales to the Central Bank of Iraq, on a daily basis.

Telecommunications Announces The Launch Of The Smart Savings Card Project In Iraq

 Money  and business   Economy News – Baghdad  The Ministry of Communications announced, on Monday, the launch of the smart savings card project instead of paper savings books, in cooperation with the international smart card company (Key Card), through post offices spread across Baghdad and all governorates.

A statement from the ministry, seen by Al-Iqtisad News, stated,

“The project includes converting the paper mail book to the electronic system, automating postal services, and issuing a smart card.

Therefore, the General Post and Savings Company calls on customers who own savings accounts to visit the following post offices (Baghdad Post Office in Al-Salihiya). – Al-Intisar Post Office in Al-I’lam District – Al-Hurriya Post Office in Al-Hurriya City – Aden Post Office in Aden Square – Al-Dora Post Office in Al-Dora – Al-Rashid Post Office in Al-Sinak Dalat – Al-Dobat Post Office in Zayouna – New Baghdad Post Office in the New Baghdad District- July 14 Post Office in Talbieh – Palestine Post Office on Palestine Street) to replace their notebooks with the new savings card, bringing with them identification documents to update their personal data, and switch to electronic dealings and enjoy postal services using the latest international technologies.”

 The Ministry would like to “notify the savings subscribers of the General Postal and Savings Company that it will announce the remaining 266 post offices successively.”

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Granting A Main Agency To Exchange Companies Under Categories (A And B)

November 12, 2023

 Exchange companies under categories (A and B) are kindly requested to contact the contact points below for the purpose of obtaining the main agency for your companies.

  1. Western Union

  [email protected]

  2. Money Gram

  Bahar D. Sahajwalla Tell: 202-3656763       Email: [email protected]

 3. Union pay

 Haider Ali Raza Tell: 971 507 581469       Email: [email protected]

 We hope that you will inform us of your procedures, what has been achieved, and our readiness to provide support in the advanced stages of submitting applications.

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