Bondlady’s Corner – Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Saturday AM 1-13-24


Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Saturday AM 1-13-24

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Minister Of Finance: We Have A Program To Restructure Government Banks

Economy News – Baghdad  On Friday, Finance Minister Taif Sami revealed the existence of a program to restructure government banks.

The Ministry of Finance stated in a statement, seen by Al-Iqtisad News, that  “The Minister of Finance chaired an expanded meeting with representatives of the international company   Ernst & Young, which specializes in auditing and financial consulting, in the presence of the   general directors of the Rafidain and Rasheed banks, the  Agricultural, Industrial and Real Estate Bank, and the  national and Iraqi insurance companies,  in order to   determine an action plan.” And   initiate steps to merge and organize a number of the Ministry’s institutions and  restructure them in line with the objectives of the Ministry’s financial and banking sector reform policy.”

She added,  “The meeting discussed the draft submitted by Ernst & Young relating to the  organization and restructuring of the Rafidain and Rasheed banks and the  merger of the National and Iraqi Insurance companies, and   discussed the proposed plan and implementation stages, and  determined the frameworks of the contract and  drafted them in a manner consistent with the reform and development priorities, in addition to  discussing the study submitted by the company and diagnosing the obstacles.”

Transformation, financial and legal solutions and treatments that ensure the integrity of the merger and structuring process.”

The Minister of Finance explained – according to the statement – that

“the Ministry has a program to restructure government banks and is working on it in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq and relevant international organizations,” adding that

the process of merging, structuring, and introducing modern financial technologies will push towards making Iraqi banks acceptable internationally and locally to undertake the provision of services. of the government financial system and individuals simultaneously,

defining the roles of banks and subcommittees, and determining contract durations,” pointing out that

“the Ministry’s vision includes a

comprehensive review and evaluation of the work of banks and the

implementation of structural administrative reforms, which include

providing a package of integrated banking services to citizens and companies and

making them more consistent with… The national economy supports achieving sustainable economic development.

Sami stressed “the necessity of benefiting from the expertise of reputable international companies, which can play an effective and essential role due to their expertise and consultations in charting the correct path for the projects implemented by the Ministry in accordance with its financial policy that conforms to international standards and specifications.”

The statement added,   “Ernst & Young is considered one of the leading international companies, and has extensive experience and achievements in this field to regulate the work of financial institutions and has a solid professional history through its review of many central banks, commercial banks, and major companies in the region and the world.”  160 views     01/12/2024 –

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