Bondlady’s Corner – Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Tuesday Afternoon 2-6-24


Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Tuesday Afternoon 2-6-24

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The Pentagon: We Appreciate The Partnership With Baghdad And We Did Not Target The Official Iraqi Forces

The Pentagon said that the recent strikes in Iraq focused mainly on Iranian proxies and did not target official security forces.

A Pentagon spokesman said, “The Iraqi government is a partner valued by the United States, and works closely with it in combating terrorism in the region,” pointing out that “the American administration communicates consistently with the Iraqis and always informs them that it reserves the right to respond to attacks against the forces deployed there.”

The spokesman added that the response to the attack that targeted American forces in northeastern Jordan has not yet been completed, and his country knows that Iran provides financing, equipment and training to groups attacking American forces in the region.

He pointed out that human casualties are likely to occur in the strikes carried out on Iraq and Syria. However, the assessment is still ongoing, and there is no accurate information available about any Iranian deaths as a result of these strikes.”

Earlier yesterday, the US State Department acknowledged that the United States did not inform Iraq before carrying out the strikes on the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the pro-Iranian factions in Akashat and Al-Qaim, west of Anbar Governorate, and that it notified the Iraqi side immediately after the implementation.

The UN Security Council Holds Its Session On The Situation In Iraq

Political |  06/02/2024  Mawazine News – Baghdad  Today, Tuesday, the UN Security Council held a special session on the US attacks in Iraq and Syria.

The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) announced earlier that the United Nations Security Council will hold a session today at 10 a.m. New York time (6:00 p.m. Baghdad time) on the situation in Iraq.

The Acting Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Abbas Kadhim Obaid, confirmed that Iraq warned against expanding the scope of the conflict in the region, stressing that Iraq rejects any attack on its territory under false pretexts, and these attacks constitute a serious threat to Iraq’s security and sovereignty.

Plasschaert Before The UN Security Council: The Sudanese Government’s Reforms Paint A Bright Future For The Iraqis

Political | 06/02/2024  Plasschaert before the UN Security Council: The Sudanese government’s reforms paint a bright future for the Iraqis

She Concluded Her Speech By Saying, “Long Live Iraq.” Plasschaert: Sending Messages Through Strikes Only Leads To Escalation Of Tensions

Tuesday 06, February 2024 19:00 | Political Number of readings: 149  Baghdad / NINA / The United Nations representative in Iraq, Jeanine Plasschaert, confirmed: “Sending messages through strikes only leads to escalation of tensions, killing or injuring people, and destroying property.”

Plasschaert said in a briefing to the UN Security Council: “Instead of resorting to the use of force, all efforts should focus on protecting Iraq from being drawn in any way into a broader conflict.”

She added: “The local elections in 2023 were held in a broadly peaceful and technically sound manner. This represented another milestone in the government’s efforts to break out of previous episodes of shortcomings, and we truly hope that the re-establishment of local governments will indicate another major step forward.”

The UN representative pointed out: “Reforms and development are necessary to open the horizons for a brighter future for all Iraqis, a future in which young people can benefit from their skills and abilities to improve their lives and their communities,” stressing that: “It is crucial that all attacks stop.”

Plasschaert continued: “We can only hope that all Iraqi politicians will continue to strive to put the country on the clearest path to success, in a way that serves the interests of all Iraqis, and the same applies to any other active party inside or outside Iraq.”

She expressed her hope that people from all over the world would one day get to know Iraq, describing Iraq as: “a country of tremendous beauty, a country of rich diversity and culture, where there are many opportunities to seize.”

She praised all Iraqi men and women for their sacrifices, strength, and deep commitment to building a prosperous, democratic, and peaceful Iraq. She concluded her speech by saying: Long live Iraq./End 9

Foreign Minister: The Government Is Interested In Providing Services And Rebuilding The Iraqi Economy

Money  and business   Economy News _ Baghdad  Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed on Tuesday that the government is interested in providing services and rebuilding the Iraqi economy.

Hussein said during a joint press conference with Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruinsloot, followed by Al-Iqtisad News, that “the government led by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani is interested in providing services to citizens and rebuilding the Iraqi economy,” noting that “the Prime Minister will discuss during his visit to the Netherlands a number of issues.” Economic and agricultural files.

He added that he “discussed with his Dutch counterpart how to develop relations between the two countries in the economic field,” noting that “Dutch companies have a position in the economic field, especially in the field of agriculture and water.”

He pointed out that he “also discussed the danger of continuing violence in the region to regional and international peace, as well as attacks on Iraqi sovereignty,” noting that “the Netherlands played an important role in the international coalition in fighting ISIS and helping Iraq in the war on terrorism.”

Hussein stated, “The meeting stressed the necessity of supporting the Palestinian people, stopping the war on Gaza, and providing humanitarian aid to the people.”

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Communications Signs A Joint Agreement To Pass International Capacity Through Iraq

Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Communications announced the signing of a global joint cooperation agreement to pass international capacity through Iraq.

The ministry stated in a statement received by Al-Iqtisad News, “A joint cooperation agreement was signed to pass international (transit) capacities through Iraq using the Falcon sea cable connecting to FAO, under the patronage and in the presence of the Minister of Communications, Hiam Al-Yasiri.”

She added, “This took place on the sidelines of the Middle East Capacity Conference held in Dubai,” noting that “the agreement was signed between the General Company for Communications and Informatics and GCX.”

The statement indicated, “This signing comes within the framework of the Minister’s tireless efforts to strengthen Iraq’s strategic position in the region and make it a safe alternative land corridor for international communications traffic reaching Europe.”

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Economist: Discordant Voices Benefited From The Attack On Private Banks Through The Media

Economy |  06/02/2024  Mawazine News – Baghdad  The economic expert, Alaa Al-Fahd, on Tuesday accused those with discordant votes of inciting the street and the media against private banks to harm the national economy.

Al-Fahd said in a televised interview followed by Mawazine News, “These parties spread rumors that there are banking problems in the private sector in Iraq and that there is chaos and fraud,” pointing out that on “the ground there is nothing tangible from these rumours.”

He added, “Private banks began working since 2023 in financial development and transformation within a transitional phase from paper to electronic phase.”

Al-Fahd continued, “These parties, whether local or regional, are working to inflame the situation or spread false news to frustrate the resolve within banking institutions.”

Central Bank Of Iraq: America Does Not Have The Evidence To Condemn Private Banks

Economy | 06/02/2024  Mawazine News – Baghdad   The former Director General of the Central Bank, Mahmoud Dagher, confirmed on Tuesday that the US Federal Bank does not have any evidence regarding the involvement of Iraqi private banks in selling and smuggling the dollar.

Dagher said in an interview followed by Mawazine News, that “the ongoing war in neighboring countries has greatly affected Iraq,” pointing out that “the American administration is working within a policy of clipping its wings according to the soft war plan to strike the Iraqi economy.”

He added, “I saw all the details of the letters coming from the US Federal Reserve about restricting the work of Iraqi banks, and they all refer to suspicions without any real evidence or evidence.”

He pointed out that “the sanctions on Iraqi banks are unfair, and if there is evidence regarding their dealings with parties that America calls hostile, it would have been better for Washington to hold accountable the foreign banks that dealt with the Iraqi banks that it punished.”

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