Bondlady’s Corner – Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Wednesday Afternoon 10-18-23


Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Wednesday Afternoon 10-18-23

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The Central Bank Denies “Information” Issuing A New Category Of Local Currency

October 16 14:18  Information / Baghdad..  The Central Bank of Iraq denied, today, Monday, that the bank has any intention to issue a new currency or a small or large denomination during the current period.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ahmed Barihi, said in a statement to “Al-Ma’louma” that “talk about issuing a new currency by the Central Bank of Iraq is not true at the present time.”  Berihi added, “If a new denomination of currency is issued, whether small or large, it will not affect the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, but rather it will only serve and facilitate transactions in the simple market.”

A member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq pointed out that

“the Iraqi currency is stable and the existing denominations are sufficient.”

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Representative Nermin Maarouf, announced in press statements that

the committee will discuss with the Governor of the Central Bank the feasibility and motives behind taking the decision to issue the 20,000 dinars denomination, the

financial value of this denomination and  other details related to its expected issuance. Ended / 25 ADالبنك-المركزي-ينفي-لـالمعلومة-إصدار-فئة-جديدة-من-العملة-المح

The Governor Of The Central Bank Opens New Outlets For Selling Dollars At Baghdad Airport

Economy News _ Baghdad  Today, Wednesday, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq, opened new outlets to sell foreign currency (the dollar) to travelers at Baghdad International Airport.

A statement by the bank’s media office, seen by Al-Iqtisad News, stated that “the governor of the Central Bank was briefed on the mechanism for providing services that exchange companies will provide 24 hours a day to their customers,” stressing “the speed of completing transactions by government banks and exchange companies that sell dollars to travelers in Baghdad International Airport is limited to a specific time.

The governor stressed that “the step of opening new outlets at the airport will have positive effects, especially since it takes a short time for the traveler to obtain his share of the dollar,” noting that the work of exchange companies at the airport will be monitored by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as branches. Open banks that provide services to customers, including selling foreign currency to travelers.

During his visit to Baghdad International Airport, Al-Alaq discussed with the head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Imad Abdul Razzaq Al-Asadi, the strengthening of bilateral cooperation and the ongoing measures to open new outlets at all Iraqi airports.

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Dollar Prices Rise In Baghdad With The Stock Market Closed

Economy   Wednesday, October 18, 2023 Baghdad/National News Center   The prices of the US dollar rose against the Iraqi dinar, today, Wednesday, in the markets of the capital, Baghdad, with the stock market closed.

The correspondent of the National News Center said, “Dollar prices rose with the closure of the main Kifah and Harithiya stock exchanges in Baghdad, recording 159,900 dinars against 100 dollars, while dollar prices this morning recorded 159,400 dinars against 100 dollars.”

He added, “Selling prices in exchange shops in local markets in Baghdad rose, as the selling price reached 160,500 dinars for 100 dollars, while the purchase price reached 159,000 dinars for 100 dollars.”

Parliamentary Finance Hosts The Ministers Of Finance Of The Center And The Region

Economy | 10/18/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Parliamentary Finance Committee hosted, today, Wednesday, the federal and regional finance ministers.

The Media Department of the House of Representatives stated in a statement, a copy of which Mawazine News received, that “the Finance Committee hosted the Federal and Regional Ministers of Finance.”   She added, “The hosting came to discuss the region’s revenues and implement budget instructions.”

The Minister Of Communications Announces The Launch Of The Smart Savings Card Project

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad   Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Communications, Hiyam Al-Yasiri, announced the launch of the smart savings card project, stressing the importance of this project in the field of combating corruption.

Al-Yasiri said in her speech during the launch of the smart savings card project, followed by Al-Iqtisad News, that “mail in Iraq has practically died, and the Iraqi people have forgotten that there is such a thing as mail, as it has become memories of the past.”

She added, “Since the 1920s, post and savings were among the first formations of the current Ministry of Communications, and there were savings books, but when we took over the ministry, I found a number of complex files containing a lot of corruption and unfairness to the rights of state contracts.”

She stated, “The post office was in limbo, but with the efforts of the cadres of the General Postal and Savings Company, led by the company’s general manager, Zainab Abdel-Saheb, and with daily follow-up by us and with the support of the Ministry’s opinion committee, these efforts bore fruit, and we are on the verge of the first year of the government’s life.”

Current services,” noting that there are a large number of achievements in the postal and savings sector, including the launch of the smart savings card project, with the participation of our Iraqi companies that have made efforts to support this product.

He explained, “This project is important in the field of combating corruption, as since I took over the ministry until now, I have witnessed many cases of embezzlement, forgery, and corruption in the savings file, due to paper dealing,” stressing that “this step will significantly reduce corruption operations, due to dealing with corruption.” “electronic”.

She continued, “This project is one of the building blocks of the electronic government, which was adopted by the current government, and an important step in the digital transformation in Iraq.”

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Brent Crude Jumps To $92.44 A Barrel

Energy    Economy News – Baghdad  Brent crude prices reached $93 per barrel, on Wednesday, with the increasing risk of escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, threatening to disrupt supplies from the region, and with Iran calling for the imposition of an “oil embargo” on the Israeli entity.

By 1056 GMT, Brent crude futures increased $2.54, or 2.8 percent, to $92.44 per barrel. US West Texas Intermediate crude futures also rose $2.54, or 2.9 percent, to $89.2 per barrel.

The two crude oil prices rose by more than $3 to touch their highest levels in two weeks earlier in the session.

The markets took into account the increasing risks after the Israeli bombing that targeted the Baptist Hospital in Gaza yesterday, Tuesday, and led to hundreds of casualties.

Then Jordan canceled a summit it was scheduled to host with US President Joe Biden and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Biden arrived in Israel on Wednesday.

John Evans of oil brokerage BVM told Reuters: “This shift in diplomatic data once again raises fears of the spread of the conflict and thus a jump in oil prices.”

Oil prices also received support from a decline in US crude inventories by about 4.4 million barrels in the week ending October 13, according to market sources, citing figures from the American Petroleum Institute yesterday, Tuesday.

This was a sharp decline compared to analysts’ expectations of a decline of only 300,000 barrels. Official data is scheduled to be issued later on Wednesday.

On the demand side, official data showed on Wednesday that the Chinese economy grew faster than expected in the third quarter, indicating that the recent recovery may be enough for Beijing to achieve its growth goal for the full year.

Meanwhile, US retail sales rose more than expected in September, boosting expectations that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again by the end of the year. Raising interest rates to reduce inflation could slow economic growth and reduce demand for oil.

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