Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 10-12-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 10-12-23   

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight is Thursday, October 12. And you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in wherever you’re located all around the globe. We hope we’re getting out to a couple 100 countries or so. And hopefully you’re listening to us, either in English or in a language of your choosing. Meeting your own native language, our software is designed to instantaneously translate what I’m saying in about three seconds, you’ll get the translation in your own language. So hopefully that’s working well tonight and we’re getting out and welcome to the call itself. Let’s pray the call in

Let’s take it from here and jump into the Intel.

Jeanne prompted me on something I was going to bring up and that was, she mentioned, you know, she hopes that the Brunson case goes in our favor. It goes well, and I believe it will. I’m hearing that it will. And today’s and tonight’s Intel is not going to take that long.

We’ve got a couple of things to talk about. But most of it you know, already from Tuesday night’s call, but I’ll recap a little bit for us. It will tell us where we stand right now in preparation.

I told you Tuesday we’re looking for some things with political change.

That’s still in the offering. I talked to you about some Speaker of the House which  I predicted with the Jim Jordan. I believe my I don’t want to call it prediction what I said that I had heard about that is still going to be true. There may be saw where Steve Scalise was leading and had more votes and all this. Well he dropped out of that race for speaker.

So that pulls him out even though it looked like he was going to be the speaker Steve Scalise is a great guy, and we’re praying for his cancer to be completely and totally healed.

But it seems like Jim Jordan is going to get it and get the Speaker of the House and that should get announced. I don’t think it’s been announced yet but it should possibly tomorrow.

Now. We’re looking for possibly four or five things to happen that are in our favor between now and midnight, Friday night – that’s tomorrow, between now and midnight Friday night.

(Some Political info skipped over here per Dinar Recaps guide lines)

Now, those are four of the things what’s the fifth thing, I guess, are looking at?

That’s right, not only for us but the bondholders to receive their emails with them receiving access to funds. And for us to receive our emails to get the toll free number to call  – to set our appointment to begin our exchange and redemption of Zim – that is everything that we’re looking to happen. It could happen almost at the same time. It could occur on the Emergency Alert System, the Emergency Broadcast System, the emergency wireless system, okay, which is which is a new one for us. Those things and it could become a first fruits of disclosure.

I think we’re going to hear quite a few things about what we’ve been looking for – we want to get the truth about what really happened in Ukraine, and I believe that has been prepping and getting that ready to share with everybody.

There was a situation where the Iron Dome was hacked In Israel, or I understand for only about 30 minutes and bombs flew in from Hamas. and yes, there were fatalities. and remember, I’m not gonna say what it is because I approve it. but it looked like it was it was not good. Not good at all.

 Now, my understanding is that before, GESARA kicks in, which we expect very shortly. We need to be at peace.

There might be some minor border disputes, something like that, but  war. I think country against country – nation against nation – It’s not supposed to be happening.

The all countries of the world signed off on GESARA and agreed to that, essentially to a truce of no more war. Let’s see how that manifests. Right now. It doesn’t like that could happen this week. We’ve got to see how this comes together  and in my opinion with a political change that would follow..

We’ll see what happens. I am looking forward to hearing something – initially , or  anytime after 4pm today or 4pm, tomorrow, Friday, from our sources, that time from now, to make it possible because as you guys know, Targets can change and we get new Intel that sometimes invalidates the old Intel or it changes it – morphs it – changes and  brings it into a different perspective

With bonds being handled out of Reno and out of Miami in the United States, those two cities only – We do have 38000 bond holders that are being processed from a couple of days ago, started another 10 or 12 days for them to finish the bond holder process, getting the bond holders the liquidity that comes with the sale of the bonds. And that is inflex and moving. Now we don’t have to wait for the bond holders to finish –  10-12  days –  I understand that is the case –

So we believe our start is imminent  we believe that most of the bond holders have been processed already –  will get their emails – hopefully by midnight and we,ve been told to keep specifically to keep an eye on and watch for the emails for us – between now and then –  keep an eye on them —

They’ve already cleaned up quite a bit of bond holders , that  weren’t worthy of receiving  for some reason.  I don’t know what the reasons were – they were not worthy of receiving the funds they had received or were about to and  they have them pulled back –  and it’s a substantial amount that has become the property of our new United States Treasury which by that just like that alone is ultra loaded.

Don’t ever worry about where’s the money coming from for all of this. It’s there in spades.

I am very pleased about that. It’s not that this is fun. If Bond holders were not perceived absolutely convinced that the bond sellers were legitimate, that the price of the bonds was correct – and that it is going to rightful owners that have good intentions in mind.

So I’m excited about that for them. I’m excited about us getting started because there’s a lot that we intend to do. As you guys know, with a project Sue has helped the big call universe with 25 or 30,000 different projects, some of which will be similar to follow the same track, others will be completely different. So that’ll all get sorted out.

 And I think we have some ideas on how to make all that work collaboratively throughout the country and internationally. And so we’re excited about beginning all this now, before we get too far long. You guys know that this is going to change a lot of things like Sue mentioned  this night In her segment.

There are a lot of things that will be new living systems. There’ll be new technologies, and there’ll be some things that we’re going to have to adapt to. some things will be coming that we might not know anything about. But that technology that innovation – those designs, the design, thinking everything that we’re going to do is going to be beneficial for us and we believe for humanity at large.

We’re looking very seriously for what should be occurring according to our best sources between now and midnight tomorrow night, Friday night. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what manifests and that’s what we’re expecting. That’s what we’re looking forward to.

So beyond that, you know, I told you guys that we’re going to keep the redemption center appointment times try to get them to 30 minutes and 40 minutes, which is what we had up until last week and we were told 30 minutes they’re going to try it’s going to be in and out. In and out over and done.

Because there’s no time for speeches and talks. You’ll have I’m gonna say five, eight minutes for your presentation. Take five minutes think five minutes to present quickly an outline form of your presentation. And that’s  the way to do it. And you will be asked to leave a copy of what you plan to do with your projects. Leave a copy with the redemption center staff. So they can go through that. They can compare it they can put it to the computer, and so on and so forth.

So there’s a lot that we’re looking forward to that needs to happen if we’re going to receive everything that we anticipate by the end of tomorrow night midnight. So let’s just stay a prayer for that. Let’s pray it out and see what occurs


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