Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-16-23 


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-16-23 

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, November 16th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in all over the globe. We were in 174 countries on Tuesday night with

17.9 million Listeners or something 17.9 million – fewer countries but more  listeners per country – Thank you for listening everybody in big call universe. Glad to hear you that are out there and we’re reaching you –

All right, let’s get into some intel.  I do believe there’s a very good chance that this will be our last call tonight.

Any further communication would be something like pre recorded and put on a podcast with a link that you would get in an email that you would click on and listen to at your convenience  in your own time –

This is an interesting time because some of this intel came in just an hour and half  before the call started –  some of its very fresh –

We talked last Tuesday about the ISO 200 2022 and that regulation  – and compliance with the regulation.

We got a clue that it might be activated as early as midnight last night on the 15th of November. And it was – it was activated and it is to be fully implemented – alright – here’s the process – at 10 minutes before midnight, Saturday night – It gets implemented – And then by midnight, Sunday night it is fully activated, fully implemented, complete.

And it should actually complete before then because all the countries currencies being traded on the Forex starting at five o’clock Eastern on Sunday 5 o’clock Eastern Standard Time Sunday evening. So it’s pretty much in play by then – but to be completely implemented by midnight, Sunday night.

All right. There’s a window of activation for the ISO 200 2022 coming into play. We could probably expect the Iraqi dinars international rates to be out in that time window – I would think it would be ready by and we’re hearing supposed to be printed in the Gazette for Friday, Saturday.

Saturday is their normal print day. I wouldn’t doubt that it comes out Friday or Saturday. Finally, I know we’re tired we’re talking about the Gazette – HCL law is also supposed to be mentioned they brought up printed in the Gazette to – for some reason they want that out too – I don’t think it matters to the rest of the world but it’s certainly matters to Iraq and probably the Middle East . So that should be in there as well.

But when we get back to us, here’s the really interesting thing that we got later on – what we got to do.

The admiral – we don’t get into a lot usually talking about the admiral or the admiral’s group / groups

on this call there are a number of admirals  groups that are private groups which are set up by Admiral Bob – years and years and years ago. – He got to know doctor Shabibi –  of the central bank of  Iraq – the CBI.

Shabibi  ran the CBI for quite a while and he met with  and had a relationship  /of friendship / with beyond friendship  due to the relationship that they had – such that  Admiral Bob – become a sovereign, individual sovereign  not of contracts. Not an agreement, but a treaty with Iraq through Shabibi – a treaty on the Iraqi dinar –  which we all knew and years and years ago, I heard this from some of my the admirals group –  I believe that the admiral would be the first to bring in exchanges on the Iraqi dinar in this country In the US.

And we got confirmation again. That is to be the case  that the Admirals group to go first, To kick off the exchanges that we’re looking forward to happening for the dinar and the other currencies, as well as the redemption of Zim notes – which are bearer bonds – says it right on a note payable to the bearer.

So here’s where we stand on that  – Okay, what we have heard today from high up in Wells Fargo –  is that the admirals group will start either overnight tonight or tomorrow. And that means hydrating the individual accounts of participants in the groups from individual paymasters to the participant accounts – and that should occur overnight tonight or tomorrow.

And we should follow that, if they are to go first – We’re getting close to going at the same time, and we could get notified  by tomorrow, I think. that’s in play  – We can get notified tomorrow and  begin our exchanges – we are not saying we are starting tomorrow – but we know  the admirals group  from a very strong Wells Fargo source is saying  they are to start overnight tonight or tomorrow.

Something very interesting I think for us we heard earlier  we got a communication in South America indicating that Brazil and the Unites States were poised to start and that Colombia South America was also ready to go and was planning to send out notifications in South America. Not here in the main mainland United States, but in South America to tier 4B participants in South America afternoon today.

So I thought when I read that I thought well, if tier 4B in South America, the Internet Group is getting notified after this afternoon. On a Thursday afternoon. How far apart can we be? Right?

We have thee vast majority of the tier 4 members in the United States – I mean, we have members all over the internet don’t get me wrong, but we have over 7400  maybe 8000 redemption centers – in the United States ready to go. I ‘ve been ready for months – really ready to go now – They have just been waiting like we have. So I thought that was really interesting that communication came through.

It indicated what it did. But I felt really good when I found that the  admirals group  was poised to start over tonight or tomorrow that we should be following them. but I don’t think it’s going to be by too far.

I mean, it could be a weekend thing tomorrow, maybe a weekend. I believe it needs to be by Monday at the very latest.

Another piece that we got today  – Essentially the last day that we should get started – and our exchanges and redemption of zim  for us in tier 4B  will go through the end of the month  whi9ch is the 30th  which is a Wednesday but it would beThursday  the 30 rather, but it would also probably go through the first of December which will be Friday.

 In other words, I take redemption centers will stay open, and they’ll get all the exchanges done through the first of the month,  December – which is a Friday.

Now,  I also believe from what I’m hearing  is the public  that don’t manage to use the toll free number – they don’t find out about it – for some reason. They don’t want a free number, or they’re listening to someone who doesn’t believe in it and thinks the only way to get this done is through banks, which is nonsense.

Otherwise why would we have 8000 Wells Fargo run redemption centers in the United States and at least 1200 in Canada ready to go.

Redemption centers not banks, redemption centers, some other connected today. Some of them are affiliated with banks. Some of them are separate buildings altogether. Okay, so get a clue somebody out there.

The other thing is  with us going through and let’s call it the first of December I believe that’s been tried to go through – now some redemption centers may close if their demographics don’t  support staying  open that long –

Some redemption centers in Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, will be open 24/7 doing exchanges and redemptions of zim around the clock because they’re highly populated areas  with a lot of Zim holders and other currency holders – Florida has the most zim holders  the largest amount of them in the country – Texas has the largest amount of zim in the country

And it goes from there. I don’t want to get the full run down  –  but I have some of that. I think it’s really important to understand – this thing is good to go – and ready to go  and should go – There is a desire to get this done –

I don’t have confirmation on the restitution and reclamational  allowance being paid out this month – We thought it would be – we were told it would be I don’t have reconfirmation of that –

There’s time to do it. But my feeling is that it needs to go after the RV has started.

And why is it that we need to get started with bond holders in tier three gaining access to their funds anytime between tomorrow and Monday –  because they need to gain access to their liquidity  so they can initiate the projects that they’re going to do  -the stuff they want to do needs liquidity – And we’re moving on under their heels – we are going right with or behind them  depending when our notifications come out –

 So next Thursday – which is a week from tomorrow – Thursday is Thanksgiving And we don’t know for sure if redemption centers are going to be open on that day –

it’s possible that it’s five or six days of exchanging and  resume the day after –  that’s possible –  be prepared for eith one – I think a lot of us  call in  the toll free number  – will get in – and get our exchanges done – before Thanksgiving – which is a week from tomorrow –

We believe we will not be doing a call next Tuesday – this coming Tuesday – we just think its going to roll before then – So let’s just see what happens –  we have to see what happens – so lets follow this out –

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