Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-2-23  


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-2-23  

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – It is Thursday, November 2nd  and you’re listening to the big call. We had a pretty good reach with 182 countries on Tuesday night. A little over 19.8 million listeners  and we hope the reach is as good or better tonight as our SAT team or satellite team or SAT team gets the call out to a number of countries around the world with instantaneous translation of my voice in about three seconds into a number of different languages, depending on the country that they’re going to. So that’s how we’re getting the word out.

Yesterday was Wednesday the first. So your seniors 62 and older that have Social Security, track your Social Security day, which is a Wednesday, the first the 8th  the 15th  or the 22nd  would be the fourth Wednesday of this month. And as I mentioned, on Tuesday’s call, but didn’t really get a chance to go into it

The reinstatement and reimbursement and the what we’re calling the restitutional allowance starts activation this weekend – its activated, whatever that means, right? But when we actually get the money’s in our accounts, it will be on or near your Social Security date. Okay, it will be on or near your Social Security day. So that should happen. We understand this month.

Now for those that have already had Social Security yesterday on the first I don’t think you’ve got your r&r payment yet, but don’t worry, they’ve got you in mind – so whenever  they start, I’m sure they’ll get it out to everybody. Now this is age 62 and older are getting supposedly a lump sum, divisible by three – paid over three months time – Starting this month of November we believe.

I have to say the least because we were told last month that we get in October, and of course it didn’t happen. But this month, supposedly it will and increases in Social Security for seniors. I’m just going to call them 62 and older that are getting social now — you should get a definite increase in your payment on your Social Security day.  So let’s stay tuned – we’ll see what happens on that.

I personally think that happens and the R & R  – restitutional and reclamational allowances allowance restitution reclamation allowance R&R I call it for short, I think, its instituted  after the RV begins – after that starts, So we may end up seeing something very shortly, on that.

Alright, now let’s talk about the timing of where this is. We were given a window last Tuesday.

And it was given to us by two different banks. Wells Fargo, very high up and PNC Bank for both saying that our window for this to happen for the notifacations that happen in our exchanges to start would be from today  the 2nd  to the 7th  which is Tuesday. So, today is Thursday through Tuesday.

Second through the seventh. That seems to be a good window. That’s maybe a little bigger windows and we like so we got some intel today while I was on the big  call that I took this call and it comes from a very strong source.

And it’s a military source and the information was –  Okay, our notifications will come out between after five o’clock Friday – That’s tomorrow after five – when the markets are closed and the banks are just about closed – any time after five o’clock tomorrow to Tuesday, mid morning.  At five o’clock. Friday, tomorrow, anywhere between that and Tuesday, mid morning Tuesday the 7th – That’s a little tighter window.

And it sounds like we can all live with it. I know I can after 19 years of being involved in these currencies directly and 12 years on the call. So that was a really nice piece of Intel. and we had other sources that were saying look for this to occur in the next couple of days. In the next two days. and one yesterday said in a few days – few is usually two or three couple is two.

So that means to me any time after five tomorrow’s is in play – Saturday? It really could be in play – like Sunday so it’s a Monday — All the way Tuesday mid morning. I think we’re good with that.

Let’s just let that go look forward to seeing possibly something coming out in our emails over the weekend. And, you know, if this happens before Tuesday, which we fully expect or by Tuesday mid morning – guess what?. We probably won’t have another call. We really won’t.

Unless we decided to a celebration call and that was recorded. We might pre record that. After getting the numbers and moving into our setting of appointments and all that we might do a quick celebration call and record it. Alright,  so that’s a possibility.

As far as anything else that’s pertinent. You know that Iraq did not put the rate in the printed Gazette yesterday and our Iraqi sources are looking forward to quite possibly this Saturday

They can do it any time even in a printed Gazette  because their normal printed version of their official publication known as the Gazette –  is Wednesdays and Saturdays. So let’s see if  Saturday happens –  It’s not gonna make or break us – we know that the dinar is being traded now back in on the forex and that’s a good thing. It’s being traded and it’s probably going to trade up. And I think it’s really close to where we are the banks are synchronized with –  The forex rates will be the bank rates –

If you want the best rates, you use  the toll free number  you call the 800  and set an appointment  which puts you into  a redemption center – now you’re looking at  different and higher rates compared to just any  xyz city bank. Even tier 1 banks

The  Redemption centers have the flexibility and the incentive to give us the highest possible rates on all currencies and on our zim which is a bearer bond – as you guys know by now –  pay to the bearer of

That means that whatever the zim  currency slash coins are saying the denomination is  – with all those zeros on it –  that is what it is worth  —  one to one with the US dollar – and possibly higher – because it fluctuates, as all the  currenies change.  It’s been trading higher as well so  I think we’re at a point where everybody just needs to sit back and take stock of where they are and what they have   where they can present their presentation what they’ve got in five to eight minutes.

They’re trying to get it out of the redemption centers in 30 minutes. They have to identify who we are which they know if you’re a zim  holder, they know you unless you’ve been gifted zim and they don’t know who you are. That’s quite possible. In some cases. But if you’re Zim holder, they have your email. They have your phone number, they have your social, they have your birthdate they’ve got all the information they need.

All you need to do is verify when you come in, two picture IDs, passport if you have one driver’s license or equivalent, student ID government ID And then one  utility bill, phone bill something like that with your address, home address.

Furnish that pony that up when you get in and then they’ll say okay, we see who you are. Alright, let’s go. Now I told you guys that are going to have 3 delarue machines – all three machines going. And if you have more than two different currencies, they even have a backup to the machine to count that fourth currency if you have it, or fifth currency, they’re gonna have three or four people counting verifying your currency right away.

You’ll be talking about rates, you’ll be figuring out what your total is. You take that total it goes into the quantum account, the quantum financial system and you don’t make interest on that account.

But any monies that you move from your quantum account using your quantum access card or your account card, you will move into your primary Wells Fargo account, and then later you can move funds into your secondary accounts. Like in the case I’ll have one primary and then I’ll have four secondary accounts, which are my LLC accounts. for my projects. That’s how I’m doing it. That’s how my attorney suggested that I do it.

So I’ll be setting those four accounts up. Probably, unless they have plenty of time for me – Probably on day two, or day three I’ll go back and set those up. Okay, the main thing is to get money into the primary Wells account and have access to it with a debit credit card, which is also there.

That’s the one that you would use and shop with the restaurants with and so on. It’s really a debit or credit card and then your quantum account card is one you never spend on all it is there for you keep it in a very safe place. It’s only used to move funds from your quantum account into your primary or secondary bank accounts. And as I said Tuesday you can you can tie three different banks into that quantum card.

 It uses biometric finger or thumbprint – They use as an email with password and three chips in that it’s a thick titanium card. And that’s how it’s gonna work. And you keep it in a very safe place. Don’t carry it with you carry around, you don’t lose it is a very safe place, whatever that is for you.

Now your regular credit debit card that acts like any old credit debit card that you have now and you just keep if you do some money, wallet or you use a smart Wallet and Google Wallet, whatever, it could go in there.   Okay. And it has some pretty good protections on it too.

All right. So I went through a Tuesday that whole process of getting you into the redemption center and out you know, you get a if you’re a zim holder, you get a cue phone that you can activate later when you get home and you also get $1,000 certificate to be used for a laptop or equivalent type computer.

Okay, that will buy everything but it’s a nice little bonus. And then you’re supposed to get a list of perks, which could be two pages or so from the bank, giving you benefits or perks for banking with that institution.

That’s nice. And then don’t forget you’ll be signing your NDA so you’re not supposed to disclose where you went, how you obtained  this money, how much you what you were worth, any particulars about the exchange. You have to keep all that stuff to yourself.

And that’s not going to be too bad if  anybody needs to be excluded from the NDA. You have a list of people that would be excluded from your NDA as an addendum to your NDA. You bring that typed out listening  these are people maybe that are working with your projects – could be a significant other spouse, something like that, that’s entitled to know what you know, from the  exchange process and have that so that you can attach that to the NDA when you get there, have it typed and have to have a couple of copies so you can bring that with you at a couple of copies of your presentation. So that once you present you leave behind a copy of it with them

And they’ll run that through their quantum computer system to look for similar or exactly the same type of projects, and they may ask you to collaborate with other people. We’ll see how all that works. I hope with the big call that we do rebuild America and I asked for 5000 volunteer people do what I intend to do throughout the United States

I think guys that’s really what I wanted to tell you tonight.  I don’t think there’s a whole lot else that we need – you know the redemption process of the zim. You know that the currencies are all being traded now on forex, and I would think we’re gonna probably see the dinar rate put out in the published Gazette Saturday, probably.

And Oh, one other piece — This is actually gonna happen tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, Iraq. pays back pay to the contractors that are working in Iraq. They pay social security which they do have, they pay that out. They pay the oil and gas proceeds or profits. Called the HCL the  hydro carbon law. HCL proceeds go out tomorrow.  And pensions. Sometimes their military pensions, other pensions. They’re catching up and paying out starting tomorrow to their citizenry

 And they’re dual citizens who live in, you know, in the US. So that’s supposed to start tomorrow, And then the fireworks to celebrate what Iraq is doing. I believe they’re going to start either tomorrow night or Saturday, which is cool. That’s great. I hope we can celebrate, like getting our, notifications. Remember the latest information we have is, after 5pm Tomorrow, Friday, all the way up to mid morning Tuesday.

Okay, so everybody enjoy. Make sure you set the clocks if you do that.


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