Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-9-23 


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-9-23 

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – It is Thursday, November 9th, and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody all around this globe as we refer to the audience as big call universe. Thank you for listening and tuning in. And we’re looking forward to having a great call tonight – Got a lot of cool things to share – So let’s, cut the intel and we’ll see where we stand.

First of all today was interesting, because I’m trying to reconstruct where we were Tuesday night, two nights ago knowing that we would likely be notified yesterday, Wednesday, and we had timing. We had a timeline, we had certain things that we knew it happened, and a few of them happened, but not our numbers. Let’s go back and reconstruct that a little bit.

What we were looking for Tuesday night, was the go ahead from the military. We got to have yesterday. We were looking for the green light from the Treasury.  We got that yesterday.

And we were looking for activation codes from the Treasury to the redemption centers. We got that yesterday. That was to occur between 6pm Yesterday would have been Wednesday evening 6pm anytime from then all the way to 10am in the morning, this morning.

The Redemption centers got those that already had rates on the back screens. This enabled them to have the rates on the front screens as well.

So they entered those codes. We know that that occurred yesterday, because we got worried about those rates on both front and back screens at the redemption centers. Notice I haven’t said anything about banks yet.

So we had that good information. The next piece was – once the redemption centers received those activation codes – They would be able to release the toll free numbers to us any time after 10:30 In the morning, yesterday.  And we waited and waited  and looked past lunch in the afternoon. It was obviously wasn’t going to happen yesterday. We just didn’t get it –

 Now we had a couple of different email updates yesterday  to the best of our knowledge – we had this happening in Iraq. We knew that in Kurdistan, the northern most province, Iraq, that there were certain people trying to bring in USD across the borders and to go into Iraq with our old USD money which is not allowed.

There’s no USD being used in Iraq except in the airport in Baghdad. When Americans are there to use it, very limited, very limited.

So to where we are with today’s information, first of all regarding Iraq, very early in the morning today, Friday, very early this morning the ATM machines  which have been loaded with lower denomination dinar – new –  but lower denominations – meaning  being 5 / 10 /  20 /50 / 100’s – sort of like we would have 20s in our ATMs. I don’t know how many different denominations they have. We know many they have, but how many the ATMs are loaded with those are activated early this morning for the first time – that’s new – .we haven’t hit up before.

So the lower denomination dinar are in the ATMs and were utilized. starting this morning. So the reaction to the let’s call it ban on Fiat USD currency to be used in Iraq – and not to be used anymore.

That’s one aspect of why we didn’t go this morning.

Then we also heard that there were orders finely defined for Israel and for Palestine – I believe that was either yesterday or the day before those were defined. They needed to be done and regarded as such, under GESARA.

That’s something that they have taken care of let’s call, hopefully the fighting going on in southern Israel as been abaited – They shelling the bombs, all of that – hope because we’ve all been praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the peace in Israel and in the Middle East at large.

All right, so let’s come back to where we are. We talked about Iraq, and where they are Now. this information is very fresh. I mean, just a half an hour before the big call tonight.

So we heard that redemption centers had two conference calls. one this afternoon and one white at 5:30 – 1 Was at 3:00  what was it 530 Eastern Time and these were to go over  the final details, last minute touches. Before we go, and this was from – Well I’m not sure it was from Wells Fargo, or whether it was from treasury –chances are any conference calls to the redemption centers are being at least participated in by both Wells Fargo corporate and also by the Treasury.

Alright, so they had those two calls. But they did say that this came off the calls that we should have our notifications delivered to us by email tomorrow late morning.

Let’s give them until noon but late morning is 1030 or 11 o’clock. Sometime in that timeframe. We should finally get the 800 numbers in those notifications. We set our appointments and theoretically we would start tomorrow.

Now Veterans Day is Saturday. I know my bank is closed on Saturday, but open tomorrow. So the banks as far as we can tell are open. Now whether the banks are open or not, does not affect redemption centers being open.

You realize we talked about the redemption centers getting the activation codes that allow them to see on front end back screen the rates on all the currencies that we’ve talked about, and the banks have yet to receive that notification. All they have is rates on their back screen at the banks –  They don’t have front  screen rates yet.

I don’t know when they’re gonna get those so remember when we use the toll free number we are directed to the redemption centers. Okay, that’s a really good thing and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll set appointments,

People that don’t believe in the 800 numbers. They don’t believe in redemption centers. People that don’t. They’re telling people on calls  something other than that – go pound sand you really don’t know what you’re talking about. You really don’t.  So we put that to rest, I think Tuesday night but as they didn’t get it, they can get it again now.

The other thing is we haven’t talked much about the rate of interest that we will be paid on primary or secondary Wells Fargo accounts – this may also apply to other banks. But our accounts  initially at the redemption centers are all overseen by Wells Fargo. So therefore even Chase bank would have an oversight by Wells Fargo.

Okay, our redemption of zim and the exchange of currencies. And so it’s what is really interesting is we just heard today they decided on a rate of interest that we would be paid annually and it’s called APY annual percentage yearly  – the rate that they have agreed to pay us at least Wells Fargo is 8.45  just under eight and a half –  8.45% –  

You guys that is a terrific interest rate on the money that we have moved from our quantum  account into our primary or secondary accounts is your quantum account, which you make no interest on with your primary or secondary accounts with Wells Fargo Bank.  So that is terrific.

And I’m going to ask to see if they can apply that to us and pay us that interest quarterly for me. What I would prefer to get the amount of quarterly and then divide  that to LLC accounts as I need it for the projects.

So that’s a new number we haven’t  heard until today. 8.45 to A P y –  Annual Percentage Yearly – now that could change. Just like rates could change – But don’t confuse interest rate, currency exchange rate .

Right, totally different things – .

So that the information that we’re getting is looking like we should finally get the notifications tomorrow. I’m going to say late morning.

We’ll see what that looks like. And then we’ll go ahead and set our appointments. And as far as I can tell, quite possibly start our exchanges tomorrow.

And redemption centers should be open all the way through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday for at least two weeks and about two weeks. Now this is an interesting factoid both of you in Florida – Orlando and Miami will have redemption centers working around the clock redemptions in those two cities in Florida

In Tejas or Texas – You got the same thing  in Dallas and Houston. Now it doesn’t mean every redemption center -I know at least some of them will be 24/7 round the clock exchanges, and they’re taking shifts. They’ll either be six hour shifts in that case or maybe  8 hr shifts and usually the shifts will over lap  half  an hour  at the redemption centers. So that tells us really, how close we are now.

Here’s another thing that we had verified this morning.

We got word at 9am. Eastern this morning, that the RV  – the exchanges had started in the UK and in France today.

Remember they are 6 hours ahead  so that the only two areas in Europe and of course the UK is not  Europe I know but its close ok –  now I cannot absolutely guarantee that happened. But we did have confirmations come from sources that we trust that  spoke to people over there that says that that’s what has occurred. So that’s a good thing. If that happened, great. If not, they’re close, just like we’re close.

So this thing I think what was interesting was it did get started, let’s go to bondholders for a minute – We know the super whales were taken care of already last week. And my understanding is that some not all course some bond holders  but  half a million dollars it’s a little more than walking around money I know that – that they did get that  against the value of their bonds that they’ve already hypothecated

and they should have the rest of their money and not just 10% of it. All of it available to them. Starting Tuesday-  talking about bondholders  – so some of them got half a million –  probably  a pretty good sized players –  and some of them will get a decent amount but not that much.

And most of the bondholders are worth quite a bit more than that quite a bit more. Especially the tier three whales and super whales. So they’re all trying to balance out get a sort of a shotgun start.

And let’s see what happens with that for us tomorrow. I’m hoping everything comes in as everyone heard it would. I don’t like getting Intel and putting it out believing that we’re in this position and then find out that we weren’t in that position –  because of something else. So I think information is solid. We’ll know tomorrow. Before noon  let’s say  whether it has been solid or not.

I believe hopefully it will be we’re going to pray it is in place.

All right, so I wanted to bring to you guys tonight in the way of update in the way of Intel and I think this is going to do it for us. We don’t know when it just realized this you guys – These numbers are coming out for reason. When we go to the redemption centers, we will get the best rates available for this – they are better rates than in the banks are going to guarantee that and it’s going to be worth your while to set your appointment and go in to the redemption center that’s nearest you.

You’ll enter that information on your touchpad on your phone when you call the redemption Center and the toll free number and then you’ll get prompted on what to put in and it’ll be I think part of what you’ll enter is your zip code.

 So they will know which redemption center to connect you to on that call to the person who quite possibly will be exchanging you or working with you on your exchange when you get there. Remember the entire appointment  they’re trying to get done in 30 minutes, including a five to eight minute presentation on your project. Be ready to go with that. I would say let’s try to get into it in five minutes or less. You don’t have to go into a ton of detail. You just give them an outline of your project ideas.

Now, there’s a lot to do. We’ve gone over it several times on what you’re going to be doing that just be confident. Don’t get there more than 10 minutes early for your appointment. 10 minutes early is plenty in get in there. They want you in and out and then you can celebrate quietly in your car on the way home or office –  is going to be a real different way to wake up not only to the new numbers coming to the 800 numbers, but it’ll be different to wake up with all this behind us all this finally behind us.

So let’s go ahead and pray the call out now.


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