Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-21-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-21-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call. It is Thursday December 21st. It’s the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. And as we move from today on we gain one minute of daylight every day. Hopefully Bob will let me know when daylight savings time starts this next year 2024.

All right, so welcome everybody all over the globe. I didn’t get the numbers to see how far we went out last Tuesday and the previous Thursday.  I might still get them while I’m on the call. But right now I don’t happen to know how many people we actually reached – but we are reaching around the globe and trying to hit around 200 countries in the last week or so. So we’ll see what we get on that. In the meantime, welcome, everyone, to the big call. And thank you for listening. No we didn’t expect to be doing a call tonight but we are and and so far, it’s not a celebration call but a pre celebration call. So thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening. Let’s pray the call in

Let’s do this. Let’s go into the intel  and let’s talk about it – see where we are — first of all we were told a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting to receive this RV – our blessing – before Christmas and as far as we know, that is still the plan – and I know we only have three exchange days before Christmas – Friday – Saturday and Sunday. And yes if we get started Friday or Saturday, we will  go through on Sunday,  – I don’t believe it will start on Sunday –  but I believe we could start tomorrow  or Saturday

And I will tell you why I say  that  – the intel segment does not need to be really long tonight –  

It’s as simple as this – there was a conference call this morning at nine o’clock until 9:45 am Eastern time – and it was between we believe it was Treasury – although that was not confirmed. But I believe it was with Treasury and with the leaders of the redemption centers. We have over 7000 redemption centers in the US.

And this call was a 45 minute call. So it wasn’t super long. But the outcome of the call was this –  there was a 98% chance of us going in before Christmas – 98% chance that this will go and that would be between now and Christmas or before Christmas which would be Sunday.

Today’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We’ve got three days of possible exchange right now – Before Christmas.

Would they use Friday, Saturday, Sunday?  Certainly. Absolutely. They could  Another source when I asked the posed that question , Could we be exchanging before Christmas? He did say yes.

So this is something that we need to hold by faith and believe  for  but that I believe it is definitely possible. And it is definitely something that we want to happen

We know that the increase in Social Security will start in January  – we know that the restitution and reclamational allowance will start after January 5 Or on the fifth and beyond that in the month of January.

So that’s something we can also look forward to. But really we’re looking forward to getting these exchanges done.

And if it holds up, get them done before Christmas. Praise God. That’s what will be our benefit. We’ll enjoy that.

We really thought based on the Intel we had. we were pointing to today being a bang up day  – And we should have at least gotten notified and maybe started exchanges but we didn’t today So, I’m going by the redemption center leader that we talked to very briefly That said there’s a 98% chance of us exchanging before Christmas. So let’s take that and let’s hope that the 98% becomes 100% For us

Beyond that – there are some political things that are still going on –  don’t worry about what you heard about in Colorado – it’s a non point – it’s not a real thing  – it has no weight what so ever – don’t worry about it

So – that’s what I wanted to bring tonight – is to keep hope alive – lets continue to believe for this to manifest

Awfully tight. It’s awfully close to three days to exchange before Christmas. But the best information we had so far, and it was late this afternoon when we got it Was it that’s when That’s when 98% Wanting to be able to call was with whether it was treasury or whether it was only with Wells. – I believe it was the Treasury – was voting treasury was giving a 98% chance of going before Christmas. Let’s hold on that –

Let’s believe for that. But that’s why I wanted to mention tonight. Remember the sale on boomers is buy one get one free on 10 different products. So check that out. And everybody have and plan to have a wonderful Christmas, and next to that a, very beautiful and safe year

That’s why I wanted to bring to you tonight. Thank you guys for listening, all over the globe. Big Call Universe we refer to you. Thank you for that. And let’s go ahead and pray the call out now,


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