Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-28-23 


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-28-23 

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Welcome, everybody the big call tonight it is Thursday, December 28th and you’re listening to the big call. Thank you wherever you’re tuned in from wherever you are, possibly out in as many as 200 countries in big call universe. And kudos to the SAT team, the satellite team that is getting this call transmitted out, tracking it, sending it out to my goodness with as many as what 24 to 28 million listeners on the big call internationally globally, not including free conference call.

So, hopefully tonight is that night, because I’ve been told by one of our intel sources that this should be Bruce’s last big call. This should be the finale.  So we’ll just see. Well, what Wait, wait and see about this. But anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about it. But let’s do this.  So anything else before the Intel Bob? No, that’s it for tonight. Oh, thank you. All right, great.

All right. Well, hopefully we’ll finish up a little early tonight. I’ve got a little bit of Intel to give you. And let’s start with what Jeanne mentioned earlier tonight, when she was talking about R&R, which is my short term for restitution and reclamation allowance. The R&R those funds that we’ll be getting back will start at the end the first week of January.

Previously, I said January 5, but it could be what six or seven? Toward the end of the first week of January is when that starts. And I don’t know if it happens for everybody on the same day, or it takes several days would be my guess, several days of tranches to your personal accounts. So I look forward to start at the end of the first week in January that are in our restitution and reclamation allowance.

Now she also mentioned increases in Social Security. For those who are taking Social Security, starting at the age of 62. If you’ve elected to take it early, or whatever you’re taking it if you’re taking it, you will get an increase in January, and it’s going to be significant.

Some people will be bumping up against five 5000 or $5,200. I think that’s the top some of us will be bumping up against maybe 4000 a month Social Security but it’s not going to be a whole lot a whole lot after we exchanged but it’s nice to know that it’s coming.

Alright, let’s get back to what we’re hearing from our sources. We have sources from the redemption center that we heard from today. That said, from what the redemption centers and there are over 10,000 redemption centers in the continental United States – over 10,000 – last count was something order of 10,200 that maybe more like 10,800 or whatever it is, they are ready for us.

And what’s interesting to me, is that the number of let’s just call them Treasury marshals – they are really, really working for the Treasury as a marshal In the redemption centers, and they are flying in and being driven to locations. Today, all over the country. This is where you’re going to have no less than five, and no more than six – some threshold between five and six, US Treasury marshals at each redemption center  – doing shifts  – probably two shifts may be  three shifts in some areas that will stay open later.

And remember I told you guys that we heard that, at least, at least some redemption Centers In Miami and Orlando will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week 24/7 – Now the same is true in Dallas, and in Houston, Texas. I don’t know of any other parts of the country that will have that. But they will have some redemption centers. I don’t know if it’s everyone or just a few in those cities that will be able to 24/7 So obviously if you had six US Treasury marshals you would possibly spread those out over three shifts, 3 / 8 hour shifts, or whatever they do it –  right –  however they’ll do it –

But the interesting thing was I didn’t anticipate that. But that is additional that is something new, and we know people that are actually taking these US Treasury marshals up at the airport and taking them to the respective redemption centers. That’s a real thing. That’s been happening for days and especially having a big time starting today.

Well, what is that saying about our start? This same redemption center leader is saying there’s a strong possibility that we could get notified tomorrow and exchange, starting on Saturday.

Still in this side of 2023, right. Tomorrow’s Friday, the 29th and we could  start exchanging on the 30th  which would be Saturday.

That opinion was also shared by a Wells Fargo bond paymaster who has connections in Miami and also in Zurich and who knows however many other areas with the same almost the same language was shared by this paymaster that there’s a good possibility a strong possibility that we would  get notified tomorrow and start  exchanges on Saturday.

Now those are two separate sources, getting pretty much the same information. Now I’m gonna cut to the last two sources that received a an email from the US Treasury today. That was met with my super Intel source about this and what was told to him was that the Friday Saturday could be applying to the bondholders in tier three and not to us, but rather than we would look yier 4B, we would look to receive emails on let’s get the dates right to be on the first of January and then set our appointments on the first set the appointments for the second, which is second of January, I believe is Tuesday.

So that was the Monday – receiving notifications and Tuesday going in for our exchanges and redemptions of zim -in the beginning of 2024 –  for you and I both like to have it tomorrow and Saturday – But the other two intel sources which are both very strong are talking about the first and second of January – Notified on the first – New Year’s Day – starting on the next day, which is the second of January.

Remember what also happens over New Year’s Eve night – that night – is the new USN currency goes into the ATMs – that night – so that on New Year’s Day that new USN currency – our new currency is available at the ATMs On Monday, which is a bank holiday

So the first opportunity to get in the banks meaning for us to go into the banks, if we were so inclined would be on Tuesday the second  –

Now according to these other individuals released sometime and then set appointmens for Tuesday – I like Friday/Saturday  better guys. you know I do. I like Friday, Saturday a lot better. But let’s just see what happens. This is one of those we got to wait and see what happens. We got to see what happens tomorrow and Saturday. And if we don’t get anything  we are pretty, pretty much assured starting Monday, and go on Tuesday for our exchanges.

And since we’d be going for our exchanges, there would not be a big call Tuesday night – unless we do a celebration call or something –  In that case, we might just record it.

So we’ll see – we’ll see what happens. But I want to say this has really been quite a 12 year stint and you realize that you realize what 28th  12 years ago  is when we started the  big call  – if we cross over past midnight tonight, which we will we would have started a 13 year we would have just started a 13th  year of the big call. But I don’t think we’re gonna get there. I’m going to say that’s cool we’re not going to get there. we’re not going to get to year 13 because we shouldn’t have to do any more so just plan something else for your Tuesday and Thursday nights.

 All right now that’s what I wanted to say tonight. you’ve got the Intel you know what we’re looking at. So let’s pray the call out.

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