Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-7-23 


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-7-23 

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Welcome, everybody. Tonight. It is Thursday, December 7th  and you’re listening to the Big Call and you’re listening to my voice cracking as I’m not feeling very well right now.

In fact, I’m not feeling well enough to where I’m going to go first with Intel after Sue does her teaching And I need to get some rest. Sorry I have to sound like this and hopefully I don’t cough in the middle of my intel.  But let’s do this let’s pray the call in.  So let’s do the Intel segment now. Then you can go into yours and Bob can go into his whichever way you guys want to do it.   Okay   the intel that we received today is as follows.

We checked with one of the bondholders and he is saying okay, they get they have the funds in the Super Whales and the Whales with the big guys in tier 3. Those guys have the funds in their account. They can see it in their account but they have not had access to it yet –  They’re looking to get their money and receive notification by email that they can go ahead and spend those funds.

The regular bond holders let’s say  are not Whales but Super Whales  were told today –  that they’re going to try to push it  through at 2am in the morning, Tomorrow morning.

And evidently  they had planned to do it this morning at 2am in the morning and were not able  to get it done. I don’t know why it just didn’t go,

Now what we are looking for so called, final green light  –  from Treasury, so that they can move through and we’re waiting for the final green light from the Treasury. To get this done – we’re waiting for the final green light from the Treasury. And we hope that tomorrow which is December the eighth very important day – We hope that that gets it done for all of us –

Lets see – what else  —  what  we’re waiting for is the release of all the funds and that’s what gives us the opportunity to go in set our appointments – get the emails that we’re looking for and we’re looking to get those and set our  appointments and start ourt exchanges and redemption of Zim.

So if that happens at 2am tomorrow morning on the eighth – its a day that the China likes because they love the number 8 – that is a day that we would love too should it happen.

That’s the final release is what we’re looking to have happen. That’s where we are at this point.

Today we had we saw that the Bank of Japan the National Bank of Japan which is there, which is their Central Bank crashed today.

About nine other central banks all central banks will crash. If they haven’t already they will crash in the next few days. And that would include Germany, France – all the central banks in Europe because these banks were Rothschild banks.

So they’re going to wipe all of those -out eliminate those just like our Federal Reserve is our central bank. And that is on its way out. Or it has been reported absorbed into our treasury, the US and the US Treasury.

So this is something that’s happening right now, this week. And now do we have to wait for that to occur? Before we go, it’s hard to say – I don’t know that exactly but – this is something that is definitely happening. Some people were putting up with this has to happen on or before the 14th of December. Because on the 15th  traditionally –  Really, and it may not happen that way this year.  But Banker’s  in Europe go on a one month holiday  from the 15th of December to  the 15th of January.

It’s been a tradition for a  long, long time every year. This year, it could change what they do and it could – we will have to wait and see what happens

I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that needed to be said right now but  I think that’s the majority of what I heard today – I think that’s it so – could tomorrow be the day.

It is quite possible that tomorrow is our big we’ve always liked the 8th  but we’ve been wrong so many times – because it hasn’t been ready. We think the quantum financial system every thing is lined up – perfect time to do it – every single day it but we’ll have to see whether that goes through or not tomorrow at 2 am – Bond holders –  and for any kind of shotgun start. – it should happen  for us

I’m excited about that  – there’s just not that much else that I’m getting that  is out there right now – that I’m hearing anyway.

So I’m gonna turn it over to Sue to do her teaching. We’ll see where this goes  I’m going to tune out –

BREAK IN FROM BRUCE:  Hey Guys can I jump in for a minute

Ijust got a call from one of my major handlers –  We got a text saying  – it is finally over. We are going to receive our emails tomorrow. Oh it’s done. Its done –  It’s  blankity blank done  .

Repeat it one more time. Repeat it one more time. We’re getting notifications tomorrow –  Don’t look for them at 2 am – you might wake up to them. That is what he said –  So when it’s done it’s done  it is blankity  blank  done.  Alright guys, thank you,


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