Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-15-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-15-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, February 15th and you’re listening to the big call. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday. I know I had a wonderful time on Tuesday night in my absence, you know, I was able to attend a Steely Dan Eagles concert in Tulsa – and it was a great concert. I really enjoyed it. And that’s why I was not here Tuesday night.

So I know that Bob and Sue did a beautiful job Tuesday night because I listen to the replay – which is the first time I’ve listened to the call in 12 – 13 years now, but I was able to navigate that and listen to the whole thing without interruption I enjoyed that. It was fun

It was fun for me to hear Bob and Sue  – Sue just did a beautiful  job – every part of it – the intel  – and you know,  and here we are back again. I didn’t think it was gonna be this I didn’t think we’re gonna have a call  Tuesday night because I thought this thing was right here and it is right here but we don’t have yet.

 So I’ll get into that and Intel segment. Thank you guys so much. Thank you Sue so much for everything that you said it was highly complementary and I appreciate that very much. So let’s do this.

Let’s go into the Intel segment. Thank you, Bob for that. Appreciate that information. That’s really cool.

Sue did a beautiful job Tuesday night with those three Intel points. Let’s go back to where we are based on some information that I got yesterday.

And it kind of morphed  a little bit  today – According to one of our strong sources. We have a three day ease-in period, or a rollout that was supposed to start today, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and I believe what’s important to us is day two, and day three, which is Friday and Saturday of our three day rollout period.

And this corresponds with information that we have from other sources related to our bond sellers. And these bond paymasters had connections that let them know that we are in a position now where bond holders are about to receive their emails because the funds are moving in their direction to go into their accounts. And they’re looking to receive emails either tomorrow or Saturday and have access to their funds tomorrow or Saturday based on information from other paymasters that are giving them this information

So by Friday or Saturday, which they expect to be receiving those funds and having access to spend ability of those funds, they’ll get 10% of their total from their bond transactions. They’ll get 10% to last and for the first 90 days – for three months. And then after that they get the remaining 90% That would be in their accounts that they can actually spend and use for whatever they’re doing with it

It’s not too dissimilar from us. Okay, if we’re running parallel with tier three, Bond sellers, or bond we’re at the position where we could get notified as well, Friday or Saturday with our notifications and hopefully start by Saturday for exchanges.

If we do that we should be able to receive emails from Wells Fargo, get the 800 number in the email, or you could get it from a website or an email that we send out to you. If you’ve registered on our site for that and then you will be able to set your appointment – go for your exchange, hopefully as early as Saturday – don’t know about tomorrow.

I don’t know the time. I don’t know exactly. Bond holders don’t have the time that they’ve been told to look for their emails for their access to funds.

But the good news is we’re pretty close to a parallel  with tier 3. They didn’t really want anybody it’s already like if you’re a whale, and you’ve been in tier three, and you’re super whale or super whale – you’ve got funds in your account – Those guys have not been allowed to spend those funds yet. Or they’d have an unfair advantage over us.

They want tier 3  and tier 4A and 4B to receive funds, approximately the same time that access to our funds and then be able to make the purchases that we want to make. Do what we want to do that those funds – start up leveling humanity  through ministries  and other charitable  organizations that we know

It’s a situation where we should be able to get started, hopefully within the next couple of days.

Now we know that there are things that are happening behind the scenes, we know that we have had martial law in 24 states sort of on the downlow, but they’ve been listening to calls. They’ve been watching financial transactions and they will do that – and  continue to watch those forever probably.

But certainly for us if we are under a 30 day DNA  or a 60 a 90 or 120 day DNA  they’re going to make those decisions about your nondisclosure agreement based on how they perceive you at the redemption center – in that 30 minute period, they will determine Hey, we think this one’s a loose cannon. We’re gonna jack his NDA up to 120 days and watch him – watch him like a hawk.

There’s other people that come in as other people come in and kind of got a nice countenance. It’s got a nice attitude about things. They’re going to be they approached the redemption center staff with a quality presentation. All of that was really well done. A they might say pretty, pretty trustworthy. I think we look at maybe a 30 day NDA for these guys. So they may determine that at the redemption center. Based on how you present yourself. Okay.

The other thing is when we go in – I told you this before –  you have enough currency or zim, which obviously only you have enough to cover, but I want to tell you because when you set up your quantum account, and you have your quantum card, which is only used to access the quantum accounts, to move funds from your quantum, to one of your bank accounts, like Wells Fargo like me from the primary  account and then maybe lose other funds later to my LLC accounts.

That’s how we set it up to go. I’ll do LLC accounts underneath the primary account, which is under my master trust. So think about that in terms of your estate planning, and how your attorney wants you to set that up or recommends that you set that up

We are going to have access to as much as 10.5 billion  and then on day one we put from our quantum account into our primary Wells Fargo account  and anything that is in the primary account  could earn interest at a pretty favorable rate. That of course, nothing’s changed in the last couple of years. So what’s see what they offer you In the redemption center on a rate of interest, if APY – Annual Percentage yearly? That’s how they do APY

So keep that in mind and then that has to last you – think  10.5 billion will last year for 90 days? Yeah, I think so. For Most of us – and then the remainder of funds that we have left over that in the quantum account you have access to after 90 days. So don’t worry about that

I think its set up that way so that way so we don’t have too much in our accounts and blow out the banks – Banks are going to do well – and realize this – you go to the redemption center –  and I recommend all of you do with an appointment, the only way you will get in with an appointment that you set by calling toll free number that we’re looking for –  the 800 number – When you call and set that appointment, you’ll go in for a 30 min appt –  they’re going to do a lot of stuff. they’re not going to be a whole lot of time for chatter. They want you in and out – It’s pretty much that way –

It’s pretty much easy. It’d be quick, and you’ll ask what just happened –  (laugh)  you want to be conscious during the appointment –  You want to be thinking not about all kinds of ancillary things, just about what’s going on  – what  they’re saying –  Look them in the eyes – read them – and read the  paperwork  your NDA –  do your presentation – to be able to count and verify your currencies on the delarue  machine -. They have those set up – multiple  — I mean – its going to go quick

If you have bonds – the ones that haven’t been done yet take thoe with you  and to show how you see ownership of any provenance with the bonds –  you should show how you received them – where they came from – the chain of ownership – how that worked –  have leads if you take the bonds with you sheet bonds – boxes of bonds. We take those in addition to your currency and your zim bonds, which are bearer bonds, your little Zim notes, those are great – and you’ll be able to exchange those currencies.

It’s just going to be quick. It’s just going to be fairly quick. You think about it. They’re setting up one quantum account for you. They’re setting up one primary bank account with Wells for you and that’s all you’ve got time for in terms of banking, they’re gonna be telling you how much currency you have in USN  the United States notes.

When are those USN notes going to come out? I don’t know exactly shouldn’t be very much longer before we see those – we could have an EBS announcement we’re hearing even over this weekend coming.

I think political change we’re looking at a — We’ve heard dates we’re from tomorrow, Friday to the following Friday. So possibly from a week from tomorrow in that timeframe – within that week – that could be really good.

What else is going on guys? What Sue mentioned about the Zimbabwe  on Tuesday night’s call, yeah, Zimbabwe. That article that was put out actually have had their new Zimbabwe gold back dollar for about three months now – out, but they just announced it in that Bloomberg article. When was it yesterday? Tuesday, Tuesday, the Bloomberg. So you know that’s, that’s really good.

I think it just shows the strength. My understanding about Zimbabwe because they have so many resources in the ground. They have all kinds of diamonds and jewels and stuff. They still have oil, gold, they’ve got lots of things that give their currency the value and my understanding was Zimbabwe may be the sort of the reserve currency of Africa. The actual regional currency for the continent, the dark continent of Africa, which is so cool, because Zimbabwe is really there’s really quite a country in terms of their capabilities and their assets and the resources. So we’ll see how that shakes out.

Otherwise we’re looking at a very strong weekend – and we think unless we know that there’s clean up, you know, there’s always continued arrests being made. But I think we’re at the point now, at the point of no return, we can get this thing done, and we can move in and get everything that we want it under our plan B.

So that’s all I got to say tonight. We’re going up to speed we’re just about there. But you guys, this thing has changed so many times. That’s why it’s important that we keep praying it in but stay focused on your plan A but look to your plan B for our blessing. I mean I know I’ve been saying that for a long time. And I’m still saying it now because this is about to happen.

We hope this is the weekend  that we’re going to does take place – here it is the  15th of the  month, and we’re looking forward to this taking place so we can get on with our new lives. Our new story.

As far as where we are guys we’re looking for us to get started by or  before the weekend – pay attentions for emails tomorrow or Saturday or if you haven’t registered on big call You can register on that and then we will send you an email blasts when 800 Number are also supposed to be on a landing page.  I’m gonna pray the call out and hope all is  having a great weekend. We’re gonna see where it goes this weekend.

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