Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-22-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-22-24

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Welcome everybody is a big call tonight. It is Thursday, February 22. and you’re listening to the big call, possibly all around the globe.   And welcome everybody – Before we go into the call, let’s go ahead and pray it in

Thanks so much, Bob. Appreciate that. Very much. All right, good. Well, okay. I’m going to try to create a timeline because that’s how I like to think about all the Intel flows.

To get started with First of all, I haven’t mentioned this in a long time, but I’ll mention it tonight.

This is a non taxable event.  These exchanges that we’re doing and the redemption of zim they’re not taxable  to you.

There was a question about that. There’s no need to create any kind of tax shelter or anything like that. You’ll be able to meet with your financial people, Premier bankers with Wells Fargo, and anybody else that you feel like you want to meet with about your finances after this.

But it’s a completely different animal. It was designed to be tax free, and let’s talk about that for just a second. We’re not going to have under  NESARA which I’ll get to the timing of that soon –  we’re going to have with NESARA  a complete change in our tax system.

There’ll be no more federal income taxes.

Now, I’m not sure they’ll be corporate income taxes, but I can’t say that for sure. I know personally, federal income taxes are going away. The state income tax will change in certain states and their states they don’t have any income taxes. There’s like eight states that don’t have any of that so far. A lot of things are going to that  but the point is we’re gonna go to a consumption tax for items that are new, but not used items.  And also items that are essential, like food, food may still get taxed.

Although I didn’t think that prescriptions won’t. There’s a lot of things that that we’ll learn when we get this new NESARA law implemented in in our country but don’t worry about the tax side of it. We’ll see what happens with 2023 and for income taxes.

I don’t know that they’ll be some we’ll just have to find out. I can’t give you the advice on that. Nor would I try to but beware that tax change is going to go to a consumption tax of about 14 or 15 % for for items we purchase.

The tax will begin boarded in the cost of goods and then you’ll you’ll know it but you won’t see it as a tax. It’ll be in in bordered in the cost of the items that we buy. Okay, that’s going to be great deal. okay.

Like the VAT tax in Europe – value added tax similar. it’s not called the VAT, but here we’re going to call it a consumption tax. and we’ll see what happens on that and that’s, that’s coming up pretty soon.

The other thing is the timeline that we create. We’ve been told to keep an eye on this weekend. Well, let’s talk about today Thursday, the 22nd today and tomorrow, watch to see what the stock market does specifically in the areas of the Big Pharma –  and insurance companies and a few other segments will probably have taken a pretty good hit today. and tomorrow. That’s what we’re hearing.

I don’t think it’s gonna be a so called crash. but I think you’ll see some dips in the market today and tomorrow. Obviously today is over and I don’t know what the numbers are, but something to keep an eye on.

Now, as far as coming to the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we’re finding out that if you’re trying to use an ATM machine, or if you’re trying to do a bank wire, what is happening starting It looks like it’s starting Saturday and should go Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We’ve got the banks will be going through a clearing process of clearing of the books clearing up the book – this is, the US D our fiat currency going away and being replaced by the USN and the USTN physical money that we put in our wallets and purses.

Okay. So what’s gonna happen is they’re switching off ATMs and doing bank wire transitions. Well, we understand I don’t know if it’s going to be complete or partial or how it’s going to roll out but it is going to be happening Saturday and Sunday.

If you need to go to the bank to get to use the ATM tomorrow be the day to do it.

So that rolls into really the last three days of the month. That brings us up to Tuesday, which is the 27th is the day that we are supposed to receive our notifications.

Yep a week from today. starting after about three in the afternoon, Eastern Time, is what we’re hearing from three separate sources.

Now if that’s correct, then our call on next Tuesday, which would be our next big call is probably not going to happen. We get notified after three o’clock Eastern time. On Tuesday. We set our appointments for Wednesday, a start of  the 28th.

Then last day of the month is the 29th and we’ll go right on through the end of the month. and we will have our new USTN  physical currency out by the 29th. if not a day or two sooner, That 27 – 28 – 29 is going to be a real interesting period for us to be notified on the afternoon of the 27 which is Tuesday, start exchanges on Wednesday, the 28th, and carry right on through and add the new USTN currency out and discuss, they will not say  that we’re back on the gold standard

They  don’t think it’s necessary to announce that. But we are supposed to get some NESARA information announced to us starting last three days that would be actually from the 27th maybe all the way 28th 29th into the first of March.

And I really believe we’re going to see the USN introduced to us, the USTN currency introduced between Friday the 29th and the first of March. In that time, we should be getting an introduction of it.

Now let’s go talk about the what are we talking about now we’ve got the idea of the issue are we talking about now?

Alright – The R & R we’ve talked about – several months now –  the restitutional and reclamational  allowance is supposed to start a week after the USN is introduced. Let’s say that would be approximately the sixth starting the second week in March.  Its not going to be the last week of  this month as we were told –  you know, a few days ago, but it is supposed to take place approximately one week after the USN is introduced or USTN is introduced which again is around the 29th the let’s call that 29th

And the first of March and talk about this happening approximately a week later RNR the increases in Social Security from what I understand will take place in March and R & R  take place in March and maybe it starts that second week in March.

Don’t hold me to it because that could change. it could be later in the month but as it is the information we got tonight from several sources strong they expect it to come out. So the banks that have not been Basel three compliant are being made to be Basel three compliant

And regarding the cell phone disruption this morning started around 4am This morning, throughout  different states of the country. There were seven states that were not banks are not Basel three compliant. – And they should have been but forces inthose states. Were just not getting it done and keeping it from getting done

Well you know what I say about  cleanup on aisle three – four and five – Yeah. this morning  that’s probably still going on.

And you don’t really want  yeah – but they’ve done it in some cases, as you guys should know. There’s any disruption and internet and cell service has usually  take place in order to facilitate the cleanup of isles 3 – 4 – 5 –  I can tell you most of the disruption was in the Northeast Anywhere from Virginia – Maryland  –  Delaware about and on up – about 7 or 8 states – so that’s good news,  that that is happening.

So the banks will all be compliant by this weekend, or they will not be open for business. And they’re doing what they can to get those banks compliant that have failed to get compliant under Basel three – because they have been held back by political forces in those states And I think you guys know what I mean.   So, that it was very interesting to find out about that today

Beyond that ……I think that’s all of the information I needed to get to you guys today. I’m excited. I’m excited about the fact we have a really good timeline – it does get us started before the end of the month.

And there’s a lot to look forward to, you know, obviously, at the redemption centers, and also make sure that you know, and by the way, we don’t really do rates but we know on the bank screens which we’ve got rates on front screens and back screens at the banks we also have raised on the front and back of the redemption centers.

Redemption center rates will be higher. There’s no reason to go to a to a bank when you can set an appointment and go to the redemption center. and Zim holders have to go to redemption centers.

That’s a must, must do. And we’re looking forward to getting all this stuff going. And because we’re going into redemption centers to redeem the zim and other bonds if you have a sheet bonds or box of bonds when you go in there you will be hydrating the banks with new USN –  that’s where the newness will come in of the new USN.

 So all of our funds right now are safe and mirrored in the quantum financial system. All accounts are solid no money is going away. Anything  you have digitally we’ll just switch over to a USN designation starting Monday or Tuesday.

So we’re going to be doing the banks are doing this clearing of the banks now. The clearing of the bank accounts is all being transferred, cleared. Clearing the books is what they’re calling it, clearing of the books and that means the old fiat money is going away. and the new USN is coming in. and we’re covered completely in the quantum financial system.

All right. so let’s do this. let’s pray the call out. Let’s have a great weekend. Let’s look forward to what’s coming our way Tuesday. and when we get to exchange this coming Wednesday. All right, so let’s pray the call out …….

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