Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-29-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-29-24

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, February 29th  Leap Year, leap day – I’m getting choked up.  And you’re all very welcome to be here on the big call. Thanks for tuning in. We look forward to having a really good call tonight. Really good. I’m gonna do my Ed Sullivan right after turbo GGO an aerial photos of Kate Smith. So hang in there, Everybody. come on over, and we’ll be right with you – a realllly  good show – laughing   Oh.  okay. I haven’t done I haven’t done Sullivan in a long time. I will. forget about it. Ha ha ha   

All right, so we’re gonna have a really good time tonight. Thank you Stat team  ha ha  to all the people around the world and going, What is that guy doing, what is he saying??  I don’t understand. I don’t understand, because they’re broadcasting this call throughout the globe in as many languages as there are countries. And so we appreciate that and see if I can get in my serious mode for a minute.

Let’s talk about the Intel. Let’s first talk about what occurred Tuesday night. I was not aware of this by the time the big call was on – that sometime Tuesday night in Reno. There was a meeting with six people, three of whom, we know, one was admiral – we know his name but we won’t say it. The admiral – one was with a treasury representative of the United States and one other was, Judy Shelton.

And she was there to talk about the USN asset backed  US backed currency, our new currency and our USTN  the physical currency. And there were three other representatives, three other people there. We’re not quite sure who they were. But it was held in Reno. They basically gave the admiral the green light to begin at a preselected  time – I don’t know what the time is  –  to notify the participants of his multiple groups.- A lot of people in those groups a lot of them  –

So even have not occurred today as we thought – Stay tuned –  I’m sure they know exactly when they’re supposed to notify their participants in the admirals group . So that’s in play.

And remember, we’ve said Wells Fargo tier 4A  the limit here for a which we categorize for the admiral to be in that group, and tier 4B the Internet Group, or a and b, there’s no A B for Wells Fargo it’s just tier 4. So when we go they should go in they go, we should go.  It’s all kind of connected like that –

 Alright, so let’s move forward to yesterday. That was Tuesday. Yesterday was Wednesday. And I told you guys on Tuesday night, that there was a conference call  that was going to take place between Wells Fargo corporate and that’s approximately noon Eastern, so no later than 2:30 in the afternoon. It was a cut off time. So it’s gonna go two hours to two and a half hours yesterday.

The call took place and it was it was good, because we got some revelatory information after the call. And it was going to include all banks and that we’re going to call it all banks that were Basel three compliant by that time, and it was a leader  of two members from each bank and two members from each redemption center.

Or to be participants on this video call. Some would get the videos some would get audio only. But there was a call that took place  – and one series of things that came out of that call, were the fact that Wells Fargo is promoting the fact that they are with the redemption centers  – the go to location –  because they have everyone trained in helping us to make a nice smooth transition from taking our currencies and exchanging them for the new USN designated currency – our new dollar.

Or to be participants on this video call. Some would get the videos some would get audio only. But there was a call that took place in the series of things that came out of that call, or the fact that Wells Fargo is promoting the fact that they are with the redemption centers go to location because they have everyone trained in helping us to make a nice smooth transition from taking our currencies and exchanging them for the new US in designated currency, our new dollar

They’re also talking about even at the redemption center. If you went in and you had Fiat dollars, they would easily be – this is how it’s worded. This is how it was worded – they would be able to exchange your Fiat dollars. Meaning USD, that gold backed, USN

And it was worded as gold backed that we talked in terms of asset back because in our case, we have a majority of our USN and backed by gold. -but they’re not going to supposedly – they’re not going to say that we’re back on the gold standard.  But they are going to talk in terms of our new dollar is asset backed

We talked about the quantum financial system and they will be helping us to make our exchange and Zim redemption deposits into the quantum financial system, which is connected to the starlink system, and the fintec system. everything’s all interconnected. So we’ll have that in that very secure system. and then we can move money –  so I told you we could move up to a billion dollars on day one of the exchange, into our primary wells account.

We will get the Titanium quantum card is three times the thickness of a normal credit card, which has those three chips – one will keep your information about your biometric fingerprint or second chip is opposed to cover the username and password in the third Chip, I believe is going to contain the amounts that you have in that quantum account. I think it’s going to be like account of balance. Okay.

We’ll use that quantum card to move funds from your quantum account into your primary Wells Fargo account. And Wells is just saying that they are ready to facilitate the exchange for us and the redemption of zim.  And the fact that they are also in this in this call. What was transmitted was that the there would be a contract rate. I think the contract rate really only applies to the dinar and it’s quite healthy, really very strong. And then the other currencies, they use  the term of special rates, which means I think they’re going to be a little bit flexible on some of the other currencies, not all but some – But also, it’s going to be great for us.So that’s exciting that as part of what was said

The other major thing that was not just for that call was that we should receive our notifications between tomorrow and Monday and exchanges between tomorrow –  sometime – doesn’t mean tomorrow –  sometime between tomorrow and Monday

We shouldn’t have our numbers in the form of those emails that are going out or notifications by email -they have the 800 number and call center appointment and we should have our exchanges started by Monday. I’ll go into detail on that just a little bit. That’s really exciting. That was a highlight that came off of that off of that conference call.

Now, the other thing that’s very valuable is that we heard today from one of our very strong Iraqi sources that the Central Bank of Iraq sent – that they actually called one of our Iraqi American contacts.

They actually called where they sent them texts on their phone, giving them the new revalued rate on our dinar in country rate. This is coming from the Central Bank of Iraq. the CBI has a new rate they  sent to all Iraqi Americans they had on record the new rate – and it is a good in country rate. Nothing like the rate that we’re going to go here.

In fact, the rate that was on the front screen of the bank not even redemption center. The front screen of the bank was approximately four times higher than the in country rate in Iraq .

So it was very strong and good to have – and we don’t really do rates – But I’ll give you just an example that was given today at 5:08pm. Eastern Standard Time.

So that was really very helpful to get that to get that rate – So Iraq has revalued they have an  in country rate and tomorrow they start paying all salaries in Iraq at the newly revalued in country rate on the IQD

So that is huge. And by the way, that’s a first. That hasn’t happened before. At this newrate. And so it’s all good. It’s very good. We’re excited about this. So that came today, let’s see what else came.

Today let’s see what else came. We had another one of our sources in Iraq as well that called and said actually by text that said that we would we would be receiving our notifications in tier 4 – tier 4B is how we have it broken down that we will be notified with these emails either tomorrow, which is Friday, the first of March or Saturday the second of March  we would receive notifications either Friday or Saturday.

Now, if that’s the case, if we do get it tomorrow, I’m not saying we will but if we do, give it a 5050 chance Friday or Saturday. We get it tomorrow. we would set our appointments and exchange starting Saturday. If we get them Saturday, we will set appointments  Saturday  start exchanges on Saturday.

Okay, and then we would go an exchange right through the weekend Sunday. You can set appointments for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on. Probably go for approximately two weeks, 14 to 15 days, especially in the high demographic areas where the population is more dense and where more people like Florida and Texas as California as well.

So we’ll see But that is going to be what we have heard about they’ve been saying for something I don’t know that they have actually printed – they have not put a rate for the Iraqi dinar  in the Gazette So it could go in – I haven’t heard this but if it didn’t go tomorrow or  Saturday I wouldn’t say ahead of it. My day is probably Saturday. That’s the normal print day was the official publication of the Gazette

So we shallan see on that  So we’re into the new month starting tomorrow. this could really kick off with a bang –  I told you guys that restitution and reclamation allowance -. We start in March approximately a week after the USN comes out.

Increasing social security takes place in March and should take place at the regular first, second, third of fourth Wednesday With the increase So we look forward to that

Beyond that. I  don’t know that there’s anything else major –  there’s one little thing  – you can –  when you get your debit credit card from your Wells Fargo account, provided you exchange with them. And you wi ll if you go to a redemption center, and you will get higher rates, but you’re not going to get a contract rate. For example, at a bank, we only would get that at the redemption center –  and the screen rates  on the front and back at the redemption center are higher.

But not going to worry about banks. That are not Basel three compliant. They will have to be compliant worldwide. They’ll have to be compliant by the 12th of March. but it does not stop us from exchanging in a couple of days . So we’ll see what happens. But on your credit debit card with Wells Fargo, You don’t have to put it in your name. you know where your name shows on the top of the card

And really as a security feature. If you have an LLC  already set up or your trust already set up to put your deposit into for your primary account. which the card would be attached to –  you could use the name of your trust or the name of your LLC on the top of the card so that your name is your actual name. first and last name does not appear on the top of the card.

And then when it comes to your signature. Make your signature as you normally would, or make it illegible whatever you just make your signature. And that’s what we show up on the backside of the card. That’s not your quantum  card. This is your credit debit card that you get from Wells Fargo attached to the primary account. Okay, just a little heads up on that.

Let’s see if there’s anything  else – This is something that I think we all are ready for this to take place. Now listen, we know what information has shifted –  We know that things have morphed into March right now.  This is really coming down to the proverbial wire. I think we’re lined up and ready to start.

But don’t expect anything to take this thing and delay it. We really think we’re finally at the point where this can move forward – And every indication is that it’s a  go – we’re getting out of Iraq – we finally finally  – we find out today that we have the newly revalued dinar rate in country. – And it happened in 5:08pm today. – Eastern Time – and we got confirmation directly from our Iraqi American contacts at 5:08pm. Eastern time today. That’s a  first —  so we’re all excited and ready to go.

I just want to pray the call out and say thank you everybody for listening internationally –  Thank you Sat team for putting out the call piggybacking on the starlink satellite system. Thank you for just everything that everyone has done, that Bob has done, Sue has done for the big call and everybody that you know, Pastor Scott, your helpfulness and Jeannie  your helpfulness on every Tuesday and Thursday nights  

And thank you for GCK in the background has done all the hard work and graphics and thank you, listeners, all of you Millions 10s of millions of you that are getting the call or hearing the call alive and those of you who are catching it on the replay either through the link or through the replay number. and thank you guys for being faithful to listen to us for. We’re in our 13th year we’re two months in to our 13th year.  Good night everybody –

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