Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-14-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-14-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, March 14th and you’re listening to the big call – thanks  everybody  for tuning in, all over the globe where ever you’re receiving this call –  Tuesday night we had 17.2 million listeners and that was apart from free conference call. That’s on our global markets let’s call it  – and so we’re welcoming you come in again and be part of our call. Thanks for being here so much. We appreciate you. and we appreciate everything that everybody is doing by lending their support on the call by listening over these 12 years we’re in our 13th year. So, thank you so much.

Now, let us segue over to the Intel or show tonight’s call.

I think I can do this in 10 minutes or so, maybe  you guys know that. We’ve heard some things that were about to happen and they didn’t happen. We’ve heard many times that we’re looking for some political change to take place. We’re looking for something to come from the Supreme Court  – about Brunson or about any other case, right. Well, our guys, our Supreme Military sources are telling us that we should have the Supreme Court decision , finally, four years later, we should have that tomorrow.  By or before noon –  that would be Eastern Time

I’m looking forward to that – a lot of things I think  are triggered by that. So I’m hoping that is exactly what happens – that around  or about or before noon – we get that result. I don’t know where it’s coming out – I don’t know if main stream media will cover it – or if they would only cover it with military assistance – meaning helping  the networks to find their way to announce the news properly –  We will see what happens

But contingent on that happening — Now. we’ll get on that tomorrow. – We have our notifications to come out Friday afternoon. That’s tomorrow afternoon. Or Saturday morning.

I think either one will allow us to set appointments for Saturday  – whether we get it tomorrow afternoon  – I can’t tell you when – after the news would come out  –  when we found out about the  elections, I don’t know but the moral things guys  – If it comes out Saturday morning – certainly that’s a winner too.

We should get we should get our appointments set – and once we set our appointments – we would be able to start  three hours later, for our exchanges.

So the idea of Saturday or  Saturday afternoon is looking very strong right now – When the Supreme court  decision comes down to depend on when we get the numbers to come out –like it’s right after. One or two – Whatever time tomorrow they come  – maybe four – maybe when the markets close – before the market don’t even talk about  – they’ve been talking about for a while now – either way it is a win –   I would love for us to get in there –

Remember as I don’t know if I told you but I remember a few weeks ago would we heard that we would have Pres Trump back between the 14th and the 16th of March  and tomorrow is the 15th –  Saturday is the 16th –  Maybe that’s what it happens  maybe that’s when we get it –

Other things that I’d like to mention to you. I talked to you about trying to have trust set up if you can – prior to your exchange if you can’t, they want you to do it within 10 days of your exchange.

Now some of you guys are a lot more techy than I am but I did hear today that a friend that had two tablets a phone once he did a restart on those on those devices. We’ve got a message that sounded like it was coming from the star link satellite system

Okay, it was like UA1, something like that – UA1  star —  And it said 6.0 which means getting a six mag or six megahertz signal on Starling. Now we talked about it being 10 Mag, at some point it will probably  accelerate up to 10 mg  but right now it’s just so the 6.0 of six megahertz. And that’s better than five.

So if you want to do a restart on your devices and see if in fact you’re connected already to the Starlink system, That would be what you would do and look to get a message that would let you know that what I just explained.

Let’s go beyond that. Let’s see.

Otherwise, we know that oh –  this is big – last Monday and I think I covered this on Tuesday’s call  – But last Monday – everything that was going on with the Federal Reserve was completely halted. There’s no more fiat currency being used anywhere on the globe except here in the US.

We’re gonna have our Fiat dollars that we have in our wallet now, good until July 4. So we can use the Fiat and the new USTN currency consecutively  as they pull the fiat money out of the economy here, there’ll be issuing more and more of the USTN currency for us to seek to use. So that’s going to end by Fourth of July.

So in the meantime, we  believe that we’re going to have the USTN issue here in the US by the end of the month by the end which is what another couple of weeks or so away. And then we’ll be on that using that along with USD fiat money for a while and then we will get rid of the Fiat as you spend it, or as you exchange it to asset backed currency, the US TN physical currency.

All of our accounts that we have now are mirrored even though they’re in USD, they’re mirrored on the quantum financial system.  So that’s good news.

We got some quick information today that the  — course the Fed is dead, that’s gone –  The IRS is almost dead. It’s getting there. And I think it’s pretty much gone away. We’re not going to hold any more federal income taxes or we’re not gonna have any more corporate income taxes. They’re all it’s all gonna be a consumption tax I told you as part of NESARA which NESARA is probably starting to come into play – soon after this weekend. I think maybe we even start with something this weekend – it’s possible.

Will these announcements  – Will they come out using the using the various security systems that we have in place  – will  they come out with those?  It’s possible.

 I have not heard definitively or not whether that’s going to happen, whether it’s going to be broadcast, or whether it’s going to be brought out – how it’s going to be brought out –  we just don’t know – just gonna have to kind of stay tuned and see what happens on that.

Will they use the, what do you call it, the broadcast system.  where they use really use the texting that we get on our phones, our emergency broadcast emergency wireless systems, or will they use emergency alert system EAS ? They could use all three they might not use them. They could  use emergency broadcast system to bring it out, but just have to watch it see what  it looks like.

I think that’s everything that I needed to say about this. the biggest point is to keep an eye on the Supreme Court decision tomorrow by or before noon tomorrow. That’s going to be huge. and it’s gonna be interesting to see how the country responds to it. A lot of people are gonna be happy and some people might not be happy. Let’s see what actually occurs.

So I think that’ll that will trigger our numbers coming out – At least that’s what I’ve been told. And we should get then tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning. So let’s see what happens with that.

 Okay, based on this information that I’ve had, whether it whether it does come true or not. Let’s believe  for it to be true. Let us have faith that the Intel is true. And let’s believe for it to be a real thing. And that this ride that we’re on. I feel like we’re making the final turn on the track. We’re getting ready – We’re in the homestretch before we cross the finish line, let’s just have faith for it. And let’s go ahead and thank everybody that listened to the call tonight – all of you in big call universe.

And Thank you Sue, for everything that you’ve been doing what you’ve done for nine and a half years now and you as well Bob, everything that you’ve done to help us all to handle the bumper music before the call – and to bring up the call itself. Everything that you’ve done has been marvelous – Bringing information that’s vital to us to our health and well being every Tuesday and Thursday night, as well as your commentary along with mine on the teaching that Sue’s done.

So quite a bit that Bob has done and Sue has done to keep this call what it is now – and Sat team , this getting the call out last Tuesday night to 17. 2 million listeners around the globe – So thank you again, for everything that you’re doing – all of our intel sources behind the scenes  – thank you guys – And women – doing what you’ve done to provide valuable information that we can share on the big call. So let’s pray the call out, and we’ll keep an eye on what happens tomorrow.

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