Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-21-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-21-24

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Welcome Welcome everybody to the big call tonight- it is Thursday, March 21st and you’re listening to the big call. We appreciate everybody tuning in yet again and listening to us –  

And we hope you have a really good call tonight I have some very special information to give in my Intel segment. be sure to stick around for that.  Otherwise let’s get the call start with an opening prayer

Okay, let’s do it. Let’s get it Intel. I don’t think this needs to be a long diatribe. I think we can get this out fairly quickly. And I’m glad to say I got nice update this evening before the call – which is always   cool when I get something really I think it’s gonna be super good.

For the Last couple of days  we have heard that we would get this blessing the RV started an exchange started between now and Sunday. This Sunday  – Palm Sunday –  Well if that has to happen  – we take today out of the mix – if we haven’t been notified on Thursday –  that’s looking pretty good for Friday and Saturday – . That’s looking pretty good.  And that does look really good. And here’s why.

We received some information later this afternoon that President Trump is going to be making two major announcements – This was actually a Twitter feed – was we call now “X”

A video that he did – at the top it says he – Pres Trump –  will be making two major announcements tomorrow, which is Friday. at 11 o’clock. And what we don’t know is what timezone was really referring to.

It might be safe to say it probably would be 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time. But it wasn’t designated. but I’m gonna suggest it might have been tomorrow 11 o’clock. we’re getting two major announcements .

And this is on all forms of social media. This would be your Britebart  True social, Everything that you can think of Normally, I’m sure it’s on “X” which is Twitter  where x is any other – any other social platforms it was said  to be on all social media platforms – tomorrow at 11 – And maybe one TV network

We know that  they have singled out CNN  -networks that have new investors is supposed to be able to tell us more truthful news. We’ll see if they do it. And it may be offered on CNN. We don’t have that officially. But the President was referring to all forms on social media coming out tomorrow at noon – now at 11 o’clock Eastern. we think it’s Eastern.

 Stay tuned for that, Guys. see what he has to say 2 major announcements. I don’t know what they are. I’m not even going to speculate. let’s let the President bring them.

But here’s the important part – When the President  puts those out tomorrow, and we don’t know how long  it’s gonna take. We don’t know what it is. but whenever they’re over, everything gets released.

That’s the trigger. to release the emails to us.  Emails to bondholders to give them access to funds. All of  that gets released after the announcements are made. And I think it’s pretty much right after the announcements were made.

 Now, if that’s the case, and we get this by lunchtime or early afternoon, We should be able to exchange within 3 hours of that –  you set your appointments up. call set your appointments, using the number that comes in the email. you set your appointment  and you are up and running. Maybe you get exchanged Friday. Afternoon/ evening.

I believe that’s what they want to have happen. That runs through Saturday, Friday, Saturday, Friday works tomorrow. through Saturday, Sunday, believe it or not, yep. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday everything.

Okay, so here’s that the public is supposed to – NOT  the Internet Group,–  that we are – the public that is not following the big call that doesn’t use a toll free number. It just gets awakened somehow to this. The public is supposed to start on April 2.

Which it might calendar thing is right wouldn’t that be Tuesday, April 2. I don’t have a true calendar. I have to put it in my head and try to  remember –  but if Easter Sunday  is March 31, Monday would be the first of April – the second  It would be Tuesday, right?

So that’s what we’re looking at for the public. So we would get a head start on the public of what’s at nine days or so – something like that – But we’ll see how that shakes out. But I’m encouraged by it very much so –  I’m going to try to tune in to whatever I can tune in to find the announcements. – the two major announcements that President Trump is going to make  tomorrow. It could be very interesting.

And the other piece I want to bring to you is remember how we’ve been told that bond holders  and us would get access to 1% of our funds. We said the first 12 to 15 days for us — bond holders for 90 days. Well, they read they changed they in a conference  call meeting with HSBC –  treasury and Wells and the redemption centers and the leaders of the  banks.

They changed it all yesterday. Just when you think you’ve got it down. They made a change and this change is a good change for us. For the 1% will be increased. I’m not supposed to say what it goes to, but it’ll be a nice increase  what you have access to – immediately –  on day one.

And it should only be for a limited time –  not 10 – 15 days. Not 120 days or 90 days, but a nice limit of time. Oh let’s call it a month or so and then you get access to all of it.

Same thing for bondholders as us. And really –  this –  this shotgun start should be that they get their access to funds. We get our access to funds within 24 hours of each other. So there’s not a huge head start release the jump we get close to the same time within 24 hours of each other

Now the super whales –  they were funded out about three months ago. Super whales, but they haven’t been able to get access to their funds till we get access to funds. So there’s no head start there.

They’re just wrapping up the whales that started Sunday and Monday getting their emails and getting everything done. And just now wrapping those up today and probably tomorrow.

Yeah, no Headstart, no advantage. They’ll go in the mid afternoon one week and we get to the redemption centers but we got our access on day one. When we do our exchanges and we get our Zim redeemed and they know pretty much who everybody is that’s going in. That’s good.

And we know that Wells Fargo is the lead bank in the United States. HSBC is the lead bank internationally and there are other banks   which is San Tander Bank  for Latin America. But that’s why the call was between HSBC – Wells and the Treasury yesterday.

So all I can say is use it – kinda like  dance with the one who brung you it is the expression.

So Wells Fargo has the setup and overseeing all redemption centers in United States. And we should take advantage of that –  initially at least – set our accounts up with Wells. I plan to do that with all my projects, you guys know I’ve got four LLCs and I’ll have one master trust account as my primary Wells.

And then I’ll set up more LLC accounts in the next couple of days after we go for the projects themselves.

So – I’m very excited about this. I’m looking forward to this going as you guys are, but this last piece of information should it come true is going to be our start of everything we’ve all been waiting for. That we prayed about that we hope for and waited for with expectation and I’m looking forward to it just like you guys are.

And so let’s see what we’ve got to fix to do all of us do that again are our any personal debt knocked out. We got to get you know any move that you’re planning that that plan. If you needed to buy a car or a new car, or a new home or move, whatever all of that stuff, but you’re not entitled to a week or two of vacation, you know, but we’ll be trying to get things started from my point of view with the advisory group, and then create leadership teams.

All right. So this is what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight. I appreciate you. Thank you for listening for over 12 years where two months and change in our 13th year on the baseball and I appreciate every one of you that have listened Thank you sat team satellite deep for getting this call out internationally to so many listeners, the globe. Thank you for that so much

Thank you, Bob, For everything that you’re doing and manage the calls, that you’re a portion of it and then thank you for everything that you’re doing to handle requests and praise reports that everything has been a really great thing I felt, guys. Let’s hope this is the last official call. So, that we take, we need tomorrow, and we take it run with it. And then, we don’t even look back and just go forward. So let’s pray the call out.

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