Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-28-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-28-24

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, March 28th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in again, everybody around the globe – wherever you’re tuned in from and listening to us. We appreciate that. We appreciate everything that everyone is doing, to keep this call going and Sue wanted me to let you know that I’m a little under the weather have been for, I guess, three weeks or so. And it’s due to side effects from a certain drug that I’m trying out and it isn’t really working out – so hang in there with me tonight. I’m a little low energy, but I’ll do my best. We’re gonna try to shorten the call a little bit.  And then I’ll get you the information you need in the Intel segment. so that’s all teed up, ready to go. So thanks everybody for bearing with us tonight.

Thank you, Bob. appreciate that so much. Let’s get into the intel. This is short and sweet. We got a lot of information this afternoon to tell us where we are. And that’s what we all want to know. First of all, all sanctions with a one of our US banks were dropped by Iraq. We dropped sanctions. On Iraq I think about three or four days ago, those were dropped. Everything’s clear from that point of view.

Iraq has a new rate on their CBI rate, and it’s very good and they should be bringing out the international rate on the Iraqi Dinar on Sunday – Easter Sunday so that’s a good thing to look forward to.

Remember we told you super whales had received their emails  last Friday – they did get access – some of them had access to their funds already – the total number of regular bondholders  – will not be complete until noon Easter Sunday –  and we are getting that from our contact  at Santander Bank and so that’s good

Remember,  we are to go right on the heels,  of the tier three bondholders –  so nothing’s going to happen for us this weekend.

We know redemption center staff is starting to go in on Monday to take appointments for us. And on Tuesday, bigger staff is going in and we expect that to be our day to start exchanges. So we’re looking to get notified Monday, set appointments. Monday and start on Tuesday with our exchanges

So they have pushed us all the way to April 1st  and 2nd . That appears to be where we are –  start of the new quarter past Easter. So resurrection day will be a day we can celebrate that and not get involved with anything else other than Resurrection Day this weekend. So that’s what we’re looking at right now is no change.- In what well we did think we were gonna get this before Easter.

We were told they were gonna do it. Get it done, but we have to wait the regular tier three bond holders to complete and we’re told they’re gonna complete by around noon on Easter Sunday. So we’re just looking forward to getting notified Monday – and starting on Tuesday. That’s it.

That appears to be where we are right now. And we’ll have new rates out that Iraq is going to put out their international rate on their dinar on Sunday on Easter Sunday.

Oh here’s another thing. The Rodriguez Trust  the one that has a depth that it seems like it’s unlimited depth that is being released Easter Sunday –  along with the St. Germain trust. St Germain is going to fund GESARA that global effort – and the Rodriguez trust is going to fund North and South America.

Okay, that’s what that’s gonna do – and both of those are being released on Sunday. So there’ll be plenty of money – Money coming out from that, that we will take advantage of – and we’ll be able to receive as part of our exchanges –  so I think that is what everybody wanted to know.

 Rates are going to be great. Don’t worry about that. Just for those of you who are dinar holders, Iraqi dinar, we’re supposed to be given the contract rate on dinar which is tied to price of oil per barrel.

Now, they didn’t say whether it’s North Sea Brent crude, or whether it’s West Texas Intermediate crude, but either one is going to be a winner. So if you want to track that to see what that rates going to be, go ahead I believe it is tied to North Sea Brent crude.

At least the last time we checked on it, that’s what it was supposed to be tied to and that’s what the the Iraqi dinar for the contract rate for only those who go to the redemption centers would be able to get and they’re supposed to offer it to us. That’s good. We don’t have to ask for it – they should offer it. That’s kinda neat .

Let’s see better. Other than that. Things are moving along very well for us. Iraq – the stage is clear. We’re all set to get that thing moving. Now – finally, it seems like everything is in place

We don’t expect any more false flags. And I think we’re all set to start. also R & R is supposed to kick in the first week of April.

Let’s hope that comes in an increase in Social Security is supposed to start in April. So those are two really good things we are looking for – of course, as well as of course, the 800 numbers coming for us on April 1 – So let’s see what that looks like.

Let’s set appointments and let’s start exchanges on the 1st  so we can go in the redemption centers starting the 2nd .

The public has obviously been moved back at least to the probably 8th or 9th  of April. People that don’t use the toll free number and aren’t aware of the big call for some reason. I don’t know how that can happen, but that’s what it is. And so called public will start about the week after we start our exchanges. All right.

I want everybody to have a wonderful Easter weekend – resurrection day – Sunday, have a wonderful time celebrating. And this is a big time for us, and we look forward everything. going right afterwards. Literally the day after when we get our numbers – so stay tuned for that. I’m excited about this thing moving forward and going in that direction.

Anyway guys, my I’m really not quite there as you guys can tell the last few weeks. not quite all there.. All right, that’s it for tonight, I’m gonna pray us out –

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