Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-11-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-11-24

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, April 11th  and you’re tuned in and listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody all around the globe. We didn’t get numbers on Tuesday night’s call, but we got it out there like we have been on previous calls – But we’re happy to be here. Let’s go ahead and write a call in

Well, what do you think, Bob? Shall we get into the Intel?

Okay, fair enough.  Okay. let’s talk about where we are. and what I think about it – what’s interesting was yesterday, we got a pretty good source  really one of our better sources indicate that this was going to go between today and Monday the 15th .

All right, that’s fine.

And then we found from another source, who happened to be a bond master. It said that the Treasury Well let’s back up — He said that the military is handlling the releases now of the emails that we’re gonna get. Now they’ll still come off of the Wells Fargo servers that the military is going to release those – when they get the quote unquote green light or rather when the military gives the green light to Treasury  — a little different way of looking at it.

So military is in  charge for this operation.  And when they feel like it’s the right time they’ll give the green light to Treasury — Treasury will allow everything to get released.

Now, what we heard yesterday was, we expect the releases to take place Sunday night or overnight Sunday into Monday morning.

It could be that we wake up to them on Monday — That might be –  I don’t know exactly. But that’s what a few people believe. And why the 15th ? —  Well, one thing I’m not happy to see this political tax day because remember under NESARA that goes away, —  our federal income tax goes away. And so I’m not thrilled about calling that anything –  meaning Tax Day.

I really think that we are moving into this thing — now here’s the problem. We’ve heard — Well, so many times you guys –  about three days, 72 hours, four days, whatever it is, and you guys know it I’ve said it on the call. But it hasn’t manifested –

But for some reason, it just hasn’t gone –

So what I believe – I’ve been believing for – is that this information, I don’t think it’s going before Monday for us. I think it’ll be anything until maybe we wake up to it Monday. I don’t think it’s happening tonight, tomorrow, or Saturday or Sunday. I think it’s going to be on Monday.

They never bring anything out early. If anything, it’s never or late. So here’s a little pessimistic but here’s the reason. All I want is for this intel about the 15th  to be true once  – you guys know where I’m coming from we only need it to be right ONCE

Just right once, guess what? We’re building. We’ve got it. We’ve got our email, we set our appointments, and we’re off and running.

So I’m hoping and believing  for the manifestation of this to be Monday morning and for us to get those numbers and set our appointments and for it to be right once. I don’t want I don’t need to be right just to be right. I want it to be right for all of us. So that we all get it and we go — I know you know where I’m coming from on this. Because listen, I’m tired. I’m tired. You guys are tired of hearing me say it’s going to be such a such thing this day that day when I’m tired of saying it –  I’m ready for it to go.  – We’re all ready for it to go.  We just need the Intel to come through and be right one time.

This appears to be looking good and I think one of the reasons that I think it is — remember I told you guys I think it was on Tuesday that there was a conference call that the redemption centers had on Saturday for 45 minutes and they more or less threatened everybody in the redemption centers thinking with kind of a threat that if anything leaked, they would get redemption center personnel could face treason charges. Little harsh right. What’s the penalty for treason? Yeah, yeah, that’s right.

So they backed off of that, goodness, they backed off of that and then they said okay if you guys leak anything – if anything leaks, you’re gonna we’re gonna remove your ability to earn a percentage on these echanges –  And other people that will be exchanging us will be picking up point 025% of our total exchange of currencies and zim redemption – and bonds for that matter

So they don’t want to lose that opportunity. They don’t want to get ready to make a bunch of money exchanging us – doesn’t come out of our side of it. So it’s no big deal for us. But it’s a win win win. It’s a win for the redemption center staff. It’s a win for the bank, because they get hydrated again, with accounts like the primary and secondary wells accounts and it’s a win for us.

Now rates are very good – contract on the dinar really offered to us, and its tied to the price per barrel of oil. Now here’s the thing. We said it was always based on the ____ Brent crude price of oil. And today we’re hearing  it might actually be more tied to the price of oil in Iraq being sold , for example, to the country of Turkey. And that’s a pretty good number, like one on one. So that’s really good. That’s roughly where our contract rate is.

Now, here’s how we have to  look at this.

I’ve said this many times this is going are getting it then it’s coming up Blah, blah, blah. You guys  have heard it – you know, you probably roll your eyes, the back of your head. All I do is ask it’d be right once. I think we’re at that point, for this could be right. Once and for forever. 

And let’s see what happens. Let’s see where this ends up. I feel I feel good about where we are with the Intel like it is so quiet right now –  the redemption centers zipper lipped.  Banks, zipper lipped. Now that tells us something though, kind of the old no news is good news. Right?

I think I saw the deep state scale and everything else that’s going on. There are definitely things that are going on behind the scenes, but I don’t know much about it anymore – it’s very quiet

It’s very hard time getting some information. We’re lucky to get the information now — we had yesterday about Thursday to Monday –  

I personally think if anything, it’ll be Monday. But let’s see where this goes and how it manifests for us. I feel like we are at the end of the road here. but we have to have it. it has to manifest – it has to show up to us with toll free numbers, right. We need that.

And I don’t think I think we’re where we need to be to receive it. So that’s all I’m gonna say about that tonight. I feel like it’s so quiet right now. it’s so hard to get accurate information. And that’s a good thing. Believe it or not even I don’t like being in the dark. I like having better, more intelligent, more confirmations. blah blah blah. 

But I believe that’s’ all we’re going to get right now – so take it for what it is  and let’s all pray that this intel is true and comes through for us on Monday

 All right. well, thank everybody for coming in tonight.  We’re just thank you guys for hanging in there and thank you for the prayers that you gave me I think I’m on the mend, feel a lot better and getting better every day. So let’s go ahead pray the call out,

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