Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-25-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-25-24 

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight, it is Thursday, April 25th and you’re listening to the big call and I’m excited to be here. I’m really excited about the information that I plan to bring in my segment. And I’m also excited about what Sue is bringing tonight –  let’s get right to that. And I’m not quite sure what Bob’s going to talk about but I know it’s going to be good. And I know it’s going to be edifying to us, and it’s going to help us and that’s what matters the most. So let’s do this. Let’s open the call like we have every call the last 13 years. Let’s pray the call in

Okay, let’s see if we can get some intel out to everybody Bob, thank you.

Alright guys, here’s where we are. you remember, on Tuesday night, I said they’re going to try to get this done by the end of the week, which is sort of what they’re doing.  We didn’t get anything today  – I knew that would happen this morning – we would not get it today –

Well, let’s say what we do have – people are interested in always in what’s going on in Iraq –  and Iraq I heard from one of our Iraqi sources today – actually through a bond paymaster – and this came in and he said that starting Saturday, Iraq – he mentioned  Kurdistan — Well, Kurdistan is the northernmost province in Iraq. Okay, kind of where the action is – where most of the oil exploration Is there – and everything –  he said Kurdistan will have an all new currency on Saturday.

Well, it’s not really just Kurdistan –   It’s not just Kurdistan – it’s all of Iraq.  And it is the new Iraqi dinar. We called it NID years ago, new Iraqi dinar and it’s going to have an all new rate Saturday.

Now, I don’t know if they’re gonna put their rate internationally on Saturday.  They might. They might put it in the Gazette with a budget or they might defer to Sunday – put out international rate – and maybe they put out the budget which has the rate in it On Sunday. I don’t care which day they put it out.

But they should put it out where it is visible. And that’s good –

So what else is going on? Iraq is going to enter the World Trade Organization, the WTO on May 8th –  They have qualified to become a full fledge member of the WTO on May 8th

 All right, what else?  The main information is – our understanding was  they need to get  us started before  Iraq has  their budget In the Gazette  or if they are not going to put in Gazzette – before coming out on Sunday.

So that was pushing everything towards the end of this week. And that’s what I kinda  mentioned I think on Tuesday.   But here’s the good news —  we heard this morning from the redemption center, staff leader – at one of the redemption centers —  here in the US –  that we are – let’s rephrases –  they  – the staff is going  in tomorrow  – which is  Friday.

Three staff members sensibly going into the redemption center to be there – for the toll free numbers to come out – so they can set the appointments – Starting setting of appointments that would begin on Saturday.

We have the full fledged team at redemption centers going in on Saturday – and  multiple shifts – so they could begin to do exchanges and redemption of Zim on Saturday.

So – nothing today –Thursday should have numbers coming out Tomorrow, I do not know when – I don’t have a time. – don’t know when they’re going to do it –

They should be sending out those emails through the Wells Fargo servers tomorrow, and then we should receive those — call the regional call centers that we have and set our appointments for Saturday.

That’s the latest I’ve gotten  – It stayed current all through the day today with no change. I was always happy about that. You know what I said earlier I said you know all we need is for the intel that I have to be right one time especially on something like numbers coming out and setting appointments and exchanges right.  That’s really what we’ve been looking forward to for forever.

Now, the other thing is for our Canadian listeners, They will also get an 800 number, and it may be the same 800 number  the rest of us have in the United States –

And if it is great, they may take a number and use the regional call centers in Canada to run that same number through. I don’t know that detail. I couldn’t get confirmation on that. but evidently, this will be an 800 number for Canadian investors – let’s call it – zim holders, currency holders.

So we’ll see what happens on that.

The rest of the world you know, for fun, you realize HSBC is pretty much the lead bank internationally. – including Canada. – and in the US it’s Wells Fargo, In Latin America, and I’m gonna call that as Mexico – down in Tierra del Fuego. I believe your lead bank is Banco Santander, Banco Santander Santander Bank.

They are in tier one bank. and of course that bank is out of Spain – and they have branches in Latin America. and I believe they are your they and HSBC, wherever those occur. are the go to banks for Latin America.

And, guys, I can only tell you that this is looking very good for us. I have to give you a caveat. As always, the information we get is subject to change, and so far – so good. Haven’t  heard anything today to take us off of this latest information that I’m giving you  –

By the way there is no issue with Iraq and Iran? That’s false. Everything is cool. with the so called nuclear situation that Iran has not an issue. that was a make That was a make believe thing.

Everything is moving along pretty well. Overall, I think globally, I can’t tell you that everything is absolutely hunky dory and ready to go as far as GSR  GESARA is concerned.

I know that we can look forward to an announcement coming out of Africa by Charlie Ward – Any day now. And I think our US N currency our new dollar  – USN –  US note or new dollar  -I think will be out next week.  I don’t know when it’s not a big deal, it’ll happen when it happens.

But we are looking very good right now.

I feel like this is really a good place. I believe we’re going to be good to go. We will see what actually happens. We’ll actually see how this thing manifests to us.

I’m hoping that this is our last big call going out. We will do some additional podcasts from time to time that we will record and put on an on a link, and included in an email. That’s how we’ll get in touch with you guys – it will be by the emails

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