Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night  5-30-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night  5-30-24

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Welcome everyone, to tonight’s call on Thursday, May 30th and you are listening to the big call.

And tonight, we are going to be Sue and Bob. And of course we’re going to be missing Bruce. And if you were listening just a minute ago you were listening to Bob and I share that Bruce is still on his healing recovery journey. And you know, we’re missing him. Yes. But what’s most important is that everybody that’s listening to this call are holding him in the most remarkable healing and recovery and sending him love and understanding.

As I was talking to you Bob, I was thinking this is going to be all about community in the future, and to have a community that can step in and, you know, pinch hit, as I said, and provide what you need.

It’s going to be very important – and I’ve really learned that in the past couple of days . getting a chance to talk to Bob you know and just sharing that you’ve got people around you that care about you, and that can take over to go somewhere. Just remember that. And with that, we’ll get started And say, Bruce we’re thinking of you and open with a prayer,

 Um – so quess what time it is?  We have a woman – Bob  in our —  wait – we have  two women – excuse me Miss J – we have  two women in our leadership group that I hope people will take advantage of and it will be  talkling about it at the end of this call. We had like a little bell  – we’re hearing it in our head – phone numbers going into your head – and isn’t that what you want to hear and is it  not giving you a little dopamine  rush. Well, it’s dope. It’s dopamine rush and intel time. I think it’s gonna be hearing from one of them. I think it’s gonna be pretty strategic.

So tonight, we’re going to talk about what a number of people pointed out to me with the possibility that  Bruce wasn’t going to show up  and that is that most likely  people are reeling from the political news  about President Trump. And I’m just going to be apolitical, but just put perspective on this.

Just like I said on Tuesday, we are in a covert war, a covert war, which is about healing the toxic invasive pervasive negativity and unfortunately, weaponizing zation of harm to humanity, That’s the best way to say it –  And the most truthfully I can say it without, you know, going into it anymore

So we’ve heard from different people that  the perspective on the verdict with President Trump is being used so that we can see that system in full play, we can see what a really negative, really unfair, really, remarkably weaponized system can do And so it’s out in plain sight. So do not be discouraged – the point I’m speaking to a person with a big capital T

What whenever he’s listening or when or if I’m gonna get a text. You can’t be discouraged by the optics, and it’s hard not to be discouraged by the optics – how can  this be happening.

On my top guy, this is all part strategy to round up. It’s like it’s right there in front of your face and it’s going to use to secure a much more powerful outcome. So please, don’t take my word for it. But just put your —-  let that be a possibility. for you. In other words, I want to I want people to use critical thinking.

Can’t overthink this too much – Because there’s so much going on in the background in the background, to clear the field  and give us a fresh, clean, detoxified start –

We’re going through detoxification, and if anybody’s ever done a fast – , anything where you’re cleansing something negative from your system, we’re all doing what cleaning out in the outside world.

Ask yourself, am I going through anything where I’m having to look at, does it need to be with me any longer and you might be surprised at how powerfully the inside and the outside are matching. So that’s that’s the first start on our intel for tonight. We’re hearing not to be discouraged – hold the vision of the 800 numbers to hold the vision that this is all already handled -. And  I know how hard that is – when people do these broad strokes and you’re not getting the granular like  – what does that mean –

after 9 ½ years  decoding intel –  You don’t think I know what you guys are going through of course – But in this case, to support your well being –  trust that what is happening that you can’t see God has one operationalize that and walk in that confidence.

If you do that, you help her get on the planet. So that’s one strategy – Two – now let’s get into more intel –  

The Intel is that we have our number one guy has a gentleman —  I have to be careful how I say this. – who sent to him that – he was moving from one position of authority into another position of authority and had access to Intel that said the numbers should be coming out to us today or tomorrow.

Nathan’s very high position, not a bondholder, nothing. He’s not going to say what his position is because I don’t want to jeopardize his mission. But he was in a very high level of authority and said that the numbers will be coming out either today or tomorrow.

Bruce, how often say, because this is a more things more But to know that that was said, is very important.

And I got another piece of intel  that pointed it out and really significant  that as of the 31st , which is tomorrow at midnight Mara largo   will drop it’s no fly zone. – that’s really remarkable.

You’ll be able to fly over Mar a Lago.

Think about what that means. strategically. Why would that be happening? why would why wouldn’t something with Trump be happening? Why Mar a Lago be dropping the no fly zone?

Do we have three or four confirmations of that? No. Is it coming from a trusted source? Yes.  Do we just use these things as possibilities  that are lining up. – While you focus on what you have to do in your daily life. You can’t I think we’ve all learned I certainly have learned can’t lean your ladder up against this wall. And you’re moving war zone  Don’t lean you’re ladder up against  Sue.

 This period is about to teach you would sharpen you and finally the most significant piece we have that we have about what could potentially be happening Is that what’s going on Trump? What’s going on with Mar a largo and if this intel holds up about the numbers coming out, and that’s why we’re running a class on Monday and Wednesday.

June 1 is right around the corner would they be positioning so we can be kicking off June 1 And I know there are other Intel strands that are out there  – But  another source was saying  – and this thanks to Jane and K  that he is very excited about where this is  – he couldn’t say what was going on, but he was very excited about it –  It’s incredibly quiet –  incredibly quiet.

Let’s – let your let your heart kind of understand when they things are done and compete  what’s it like? What’s it like when a shopping center when built and the lights are there but it’s like built and it’s quiet and everything has to move into it.  It’s Quiet still.

Not a lot of information is I think we’re in a place where everything is poised. And I particularly in keying off the MAR a Lago thing as  extraordinary  information –  so what I would do if I were you – keep your eye on your email  –  just be witnessing, you know looking at it.

Make sure that  as you do that – well and intel psychology.     Let’s get a text on that. Intel in el psychology  – as a lot of this is really like being I feel like a sports psychologist.

It’s like learning how to play the game. This is an unbelievable marathon and everybody’s a victor in it. No matter how you feel like you’ve done  because you played  this game for God.

I mean, you should. You should be with yourself in the morning and going you are one bad you know what? For God but keep your focus on your day to day while also  seeing that You can be focusing on what you’re going to be creating, how you want to be living, how you want to be inspired, your projects. That’s the part that’s going to be giving you meaning creativity and hope – and Creativity.

That’s what’s gonna do it for you.

So that’s our intel  for tonight. And I just want to thank Bob, for your incredible remarks and teaching for offering the 30% off sale, please take advantage of the sale. Because to have access to what is going to support you in staying healthy and not declining. is probably the most one of the most significant things you could do to care for yourself.

So join us and think all we have to do to be successful. Thank you for quitters And for his incredible right and let’s really thank Bruce for having started as called tunity to express our our passions to help you express yourself and passion question, and you’re passionate about being prayer, to honor the Lord Jesus. We’re here because of the incredible being by the name of Bruce.  To see him surrounded by all of our love all of our appreciation or gratitude for Yeah. Of his service for his wacky funny heart for the joy he’s given if he was going for a personal challenge.

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